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Kandyland's New Home

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WOW... I've been completely deleted from now... Grrrr... For all of you who do and don't know me, this is Kandykane, and I'm miffed about my two-year old pages, now deleted... There's nothing quite like the simple point-and-click routine to add pictures and text boxes randomly on the page, with nice colors and effects... Now I must resort to the barreness that is a self-made hmtl page. I have to warn you, these pages won't be anywhere near as nice as the last Kandyland site. But what's important is that it will STILL BE HERE in a couple months! After a while, I'm gonna invest in an HTML book/guide. Then I might have some nifty code for a nifty page. Get my guestbooks and discussion boards back. Post loads of pictures. (We're getting a scanner for Christmas that I'm not supposed to know about, and I'm taking photography this next sememster lol.) Anyways, have a nice holiday season. Joyeuse Noel! Feliz Navidad!