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Welcome to: Benjamin's Video Game Console Homepage

Welcome to Benjamin's
Welcome to my video game homepage
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Sony Playstation 2
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo GameCube
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The Sony Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 was developed by Sony Corporation. It is perhaps the most hyped console ever, virtually selling out all over American on launch day. Accompanied by the largest line of games available for any system of this generation of consoles, you will have much to chose from if you purchase the PS2.

The Microsoft Xbox

Launching only three days before the GameCube, the Xbox is the only American-made console around. And you certainly wouldn't be surprised to hear that, considering it's large, powerful look. Using many parts similar to those found in a modern day PC, the Xbox is the easiest to develop for, and at least from a technical point of view the most powerful of the consoles. It also has a lot of innovative features, which give it the highest price tag of this console generation.

The Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo chose to go with a games-only philosophy for it's new console. It won't play DVDs or music, but what it will do is play it's massive amount of exclusive titles using a very efficient hardware setup at a reasonable price. And don't let Nintendo's "kiddy" image get you down. Games like Eternal Darkness, Perfect Dark 0, Metroid Prime, and exclusive ownership of the Resident Evil license should be plenty to keep even the most dark, adult-only gamers satisfied.

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