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  Guagua National College

Since 1918 the GNC students have enjoyed the traditions of the highest quality or educational opportunities presentend by outstanding faculty and administators. All the dedicated faculty members are devoted and available to every student for consultation. Talent and commitment of the faculty are focused on real objective of academic excellence under fair and inspiring leadership.

Cultural and creative opportunities that suit the talents and interest of students are available. All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and to become members of accredited club organizations.

Belongingness is tradition in the GNC family. All students should feel at home with their fellow students to manifest the "home spirit", strong cooperation and common interest.

The Senior Women's club is an oficial school organization for college girls. Once enrolled, all lady students automatically become members of teh said organization.

The school organ "The Mirror" is published three times a year. It contains the latest information on activities in the College. "The Junior Mirror" is published as a newsletter by the Elementary Staffers. The GNC Journal is the official and institutional publication of the Graduate School. "The Harvest" is the official yearbook of GNC graduates.

Student organization may avail of school facilities and equipment for extra-curricular or co-curricular activity upon request. Organized educational tours and social affairs are encouraged and permitted with parent consent. Applications to conduct educational tours and social affair shall be submitted to the Administration ten (10) days preceding the date of the affair. The Office shall not consider appliaction within two (2) weeks preceding the examination period.

Founder's Day and President's Day are celebrated to draw inspirations among the GNC Family to reflect on the school's mission and accomplishments. Teachers-Student Party is held every Christmas in each classroom or as a general affair.

The GNC Day marks the annual celebration of the school's foundation. It is celebrated on the last week of February. The celebration provides opportunity for students to display their talents and accomlishments during the academic year in the field of sports and culture. The program of activities include thanksgiving mass, coronation of muses representing Partia, Scientia and Fides, athletic championship games, mass calisthenics, dance demonstration, display of art projects, students talent night, ROTC Parade-in-Review to honor alumni and an alumni homecoming. A costume parade around the town is the traditional way of the GNC students sharing their joy and accomplishment with the community.

The Orchid or Sampaguita Festival, Junior and Senior Prom is the students social development culminating activity which feature the transfer of responsibility from Senior to Junior before graduation.


   Final Exams
   Graduating Students
   - Mar 9,10
   - 13,15-19

   Summer Camp
   - English Proficiency
   - Computer Literacy
      * Elem, HS, Coll.

   - April 2, 2004

   Meeting w/ the Pres.
   - March 24,2004

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