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Jedi Knight School Projects

This is an ongoing project that I am doing for the Jedi Outreach. I am collecting info and links to all the physical training projects that various groups are working on. Please feel free to email me info to put here.

TrigJedi- United Jedi Order
We are considering forming offline Temples, or meeting halls, etc. between three or more members who live near each other. These would be in accordance with proposed rules governing the temples (which are still under Staff consideration).

James Adamic - Jedi Training Center
He is a Jedi who has been involved with several schools. He builds his style after Samurai and has studied and taught swordfighting for many years. I have spoken with some of his former students he is a perfectionist & a hard teacher. He has admitted to a high student failure rate. He does have talent & knowledge in the Force.

Brandel Vallico- The Jedi Way
Has also been with the online community for many years and is well known. He has studied ninjuitsu so I offer him as a contrast to James Adamic. His site is still under construction but he does have a link for contacting him. He has posted much research into SW books to present the collected lore to students of the Jedi Realism path. Even as realists we must look to the material that the Lucasfilm folk have based their ficitional universe on.

Jbar Wolfknight-Cajun Jedi Association
Our "academy" plans are on hold, due to lack of financing. As for a synopsis: I, and two other Jedi from my group, teach personal defense classes. We teach defensive tactics, LINE technique, defensive knife (with tactical folders), handgun safety, personal protection, home defense, basic marksmanship with pistol, rifle, and shotgun, defensive pistol, combat pistol, hunting, and survival (both urban and wilderness). Another of our group home schools (actually, it's a charter school) for K - 12, using ABEKA and School of Tomorrow curriculum. A few others run a wholesale to retail gift and collectable business. Another wants to open a book store. Our Idea is to combine all of these, and more, into a campus like environment, where any one could be educated. eventually including a university or college education, selecting and inviting individuals to join us as Jedi, furthering our goals, and running a business, as all of us must pay our way, in some form. As it stands, we will continue to operate our businesses in our "associated" fashion, until we get the funding straight.

Jade Tigresse I am in the formative stages of planning a fitness/wellness center that will be open to Jedi students as a place to use for physical training. I will not have a plan finalized for at least 3 more years while I am finishing my schooling. I would like to work with other Jedi who are interested in fitness or wellness projects as partners in this facility as well as collecting volunteer teachers for Jedi training seminars. I will be needing fitness instructors, martial artists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, bussiness people & accounting types and whatever other professions that would be required to run a professiosnal Fitness & Wellness Center.

Moonshadow - Jedi Gathering's Group The Jedi Gathering's Yahoo group hasbeen created for the urpose of helping to bring Jedi and Force Followers together in real life. It can be used to organize and arrange real life meetings and Gatherings anywhere in the world, large or small, formal or informal.

The projects

United Jedi Order
Jedi Training Center
The Jedi Way
Cajun Jedi Association
Jedi Gathering's Group
Jade Tigresse email