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The Jedi Star

The Jedi star is a heavily modified corellian Engineering YZ-900 medium freighter. It use droid automation on much of the systems allowing it to be fully operated by the pilot, all except for the dorsal and ventral turrets, which still require seperate gunners. The ship's passenger accomidations have been reduced to make room for a variable gravity physical training room with men''s and women''s shower rooms. The conference room has also been transformed into a library with the addition of several shelves and cabinets loaded with books and datacards containing Jedi lore and teachings. It also contains a rare Jedi holocron. A lightsaber construction area has been added to the lounge, including work tables with all of the tools necessary, as well as most of the parts. The ship is one of the fastest of its class in subligth speed, and has a x1 hyperdrive. Weapons include the dorsal and ventrap heavy twin laser cannon turrets, and two forward facing twin laser cannons, one on the port side, and one starboard. The ship can carry upto 500 metric tons of cargo, and 10 passengers (instead of the normal 14) not includingthe pilot and gunners. The roof of the main hold can open up, allowingan X-Wing sized starfighter to land inside.


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