Q: When a soul is trapped between here and the other world how can we help that soul?

That is a very good discussion subject and one which is not very clearly understood by you all. My children let us start this subject from the very moment the soul leaves the body. There are several times when the person might be alive, the heart beats, but that is all. That, my child, is no indication of the presence of a soul. In a situation like this when a person is in, what you call, a coma, the soul leaves the body and stays out of the physical body for very long periods of time. The question might arise within your minds that if the soul is not within the body why does the heart not stop beating, why does death, the final moment of death, not come at the same time? There is a reason. In one situation the reason is that the soul decides to leave its physical body and come to our side, because it realizes that it needs to learn some lessons, which are so serious, and so deep, that it would not be able to assimilate this knowledge while still in the physical existence. So it leaves its body and comes over onto our side. But because the physical body and physical heart are still beating it cannot completely come over where we are. In a situation like this the guides of that soul, and on many occasions friends and loved ones, who are already on our side, come to your side and somewhere in between the meeting is permitted to take place and the soul learns whatever it needs to learn. Then if the soul has to spend more time on this earth, it will come back into its physical body and come out of its coma. But there are times when while in coma the final moment of death takes place. At this time the soul has learnt its lesson just before death. At this time the soul is given a choice (please remember my children when I use the word soul I mean the higher soul) whether it wants to learn its lesson after the physical death or before. When the higher soul decides to learn its lesson during physical existence it does so with one and one reason alone… it could easily have learnt this lesson after its death but then it would have wasted its time on learning a lesson which it could have easily learn while in physical existence. This lesson has to be of such great import to the lifetime of that soul. Only then will this choice be made. Otherwise lessons unlearnt in this lifetime must be learnt after the soul comes on to our side. Now there comes a situation where the soul passes over, leaves the physical body but for some reason cannot move on completely to our side. There are several reasons for this. One very important reason is when there is a very strong bond of love between the soul and one or two persons on the physical plane. At this time the soul although advised by its guides, comforted by its guides, loved by its loved ones on our side cannot break this bond. It wishes to stay close to where its dear one is. It does not wish to make the journey onwards because the soul is scared that if it moves away the bond of love might vanish. The soul is then made to learn at the stage where it is, neither here nor there, it is made to learn that bonds of love are eternal, that they can never, ever be broken. Once the soul is assured of this, the soul will move on willingly. This is an easy situation and one, which is very easily overcome by us. What is more difficult for us is when the soul hovers because of revenge. If the soul has felt pain or has been tortured by some other human while the soul was still in physical existence and if the soul has not reached a level of wisdom that it requires, revenge will be uppermost in his mind. Yes, my children the soul has a mind… not a physical mind but in this stage between here and there a part of the physical mind does move on with the soul and it is this physical mind that harbors revenge and harbors love. So this revenge makes the soul stay on because the soul will try its very hardest to take its revenge on the one who has hurt it. This hurt can take so many different forms, murders, rapes, suicides, yes, even suicide. If the soul committed suicide due to emotional, mental, physical torture of another it will want its revenge. This situation is very difficult for us to break through because the physical mind is still so strong that the soul does not wish to accept that it has moved on, the soul does not wish to accept that it has to learn its lessons. The only thing in its mind is revenge. This is the state when it is hell for that soul. And what is even more fearful is that if the physical mind is still strong enough in that soul the soul can cause harm to the one it wishes. That is why, my child, do not cause harm to anyone voluntarily or involuntarily. You do not know what feelings you might arise in the heart and mind of others. There are other situations. Besides love, besides revenge, when a soul passes over after having suffered great illness sometimes, very few times, but yes, sometimes, the soul wishes to stay back. When a person is very ill we do try our level best to teach during the course of the illness the purpose for that illness. Whenever any of you falls ill please try to keep yourselves open for us because we are there not only to heal but also to teach you the purpose for this illness. But when you are closed to us our efforts are in vain or we are forced to respect your decision not to learn. So while this soul faces a long and generally terminal illness we do try to teach the soul the purpose for this illness. This would be a marvelous opportunity for the soul to review its life before it moves on and having reviewed its life here, and its errors and flaws, the soul will move on to its plane of learning immediately at the point of death. The soul does not need to go through the space and time required for reviewal. Most souls we are happy to say will use their time of terminal illness but if that was not done now when the soul passes on it might cling on to its physical body and other physical loved ones and refuse to move on. This is what we call a state of limbo. The soul in this state will not have moved on even to its stage of reviewal yet. It is still clinging on to its physical earth plane. For whatever reason this soul is doing this, my child, is not important, but how you, each one, can help if you know of any soul, and you are all sensitive enough to know whether a soul has moved on or not, whether a soul is clinging or not, and this is how you help that soul.

You bring yourself to link with your guides. Then you ask the soul to come with you to a place of comfort and love. Do not be disheartened if the soul refuses. If the soul refuses assure the soul that you are not making the soul move on from where it is; you are merely asking it to come to a place where there is only love. At this place the soul will see and feel for itself all of its own loved ones. In this place, in this environment, which you have to create, explain to the soul all the knowledge of death and life, which you have. Ask the soul why it still lingers. Is there something that you can do for the soul to help the soul move on? Is there some unfulfilled desire, some unspoken wish, some thing the soul regrets and wishes to repent for? Whatever might be its desire oblige the soul by doing it. Fulfill that desire for that soul, even if it is a desire that you might find difficult to fulfill. Try your best. Once again after you have fulfilled its desire meet the soul again in the same environment. You might find that the soul this time is more at peace. Now take this opportunity to ask the soul to call for his or her guide. The guides are there my children just the soul does not see them. As soon as the soul calls forth for his guide the guide will be present and will take the soul on its onward journey and you will have done something, which will be of such immense help to one soul and to us all. Are there any questions?

Q: When a person is in coma, often people talk to the person and the person responds. How is this possible is the soul is far away?

The soul leaves its body for long times but it certainly has to come back. The physical body would not be able to sustain existence without the soul being there. And yes, many times when you talk and the person hears you, it is because the soul is still present within. But, my child, here is the wonder. At other times when they hear it is not with their physical ears but you are actually talking with the soul who might be standing next to you. That also takes place. That is why you find that a person in coma sometimes responds and sometimes responds not at all. These are the moments when the soul is far away but please do not feel that just because the soul is away, there is no link. The cord is always present. It is very akin to a state of deep sleep. When you are in deep, deep sleep your soul is out of you. The physical body is recuperating, resting, energizing itself and your soul is doing just that in some other place. But whether you are in deep sleep or in coma you can never come over completely to our side. We are, and I say we because you and us meet at a place somewhere in between. That is why sometimes when you are in very deep sleep a gentle shake may not be enough to awaken you but when the gentle shake is felt through the silver cord the soul knows that it is time to return and it will take a few moments to get back into its physical body.

Q : Sir, how do you explain the fact of souls passing on in their sleep?

Q : That is when the silver cord is broken. The soul is out of its body and the silver cord is broken. It happens, not accidentally, do not fear. That is the reward this soul has got for living past lives of goodness and love. When a soul passes on in complete peace such as this it is reaping a reward for something very, very good that it has done. It then has a passing over that is not a passing on at all …it is merely a journey from plane to another without a moment of actual breaking. It is smooth, it flows and there is only love when there is such a passing on. That soul will never stay in limbo.

Q : Sir, is this what is called an out-of-body experience?

My son, an out-of-body experience is when a soul can leave (1) at its own desire, and this happens when the individual in physical form has reached such a state of meditation and unison with our divine Lord that the soul can whenever it desires leave the soul and return. (2) There are other out-of-body experiences very much like the ones this son of mine experiences, or this son of mine experiences, where it is involuntary….the task is done without conscious effort. At this time the soul leaves (and now when I am talking of soul I am not talking of higher soul but that part of you that can travel without the limitations of time and space and does not need the physical form). That (part) will leave. These experiences can be conscious, and completely unconscious and sometimes a mix of the two. But what I am talking of is, certainly out-of-body, but not quite in the sense that you are referring to.

Q : I am not clear between the higher soul and the spark you spoke about.

The soul is one but every time you come on to this earth, every time you take rebirth, you will not come back as the whole soul; a part of you will stay on with us. That part of you my child is the wisdom that you have attained, the knowledge that you have experienced, and the unison that you have felt with our divine Lord. Now because that part if you has felt the unison that part of you does not need to return for other experiences. So one part of you comes here to experience, to learn, to falter, to flounder, and when you flounder and slip and fall, your higher soul picks you up, gives you answers, tells you the truth, distinguishes ‘not’ from ‘what is’. That is the whole soul…you and your higher soul. When you pass over not immediately do you come in touch with your higher soul…there will be a time when this soul will review what it has done. The higher soul will help. But once the review period is over, and if you do not require further rest, you will be placed in an area, which is completely isolated and yet so filled with love that you will feel no loneliness, but you will be alone. In this place of love you will once again merge with your higher soul and there you will continue on your onward journey.

Q : When the reviewing takes place and if the soul had any kind of addiction does the soul understand the reason for this addiction and get over it?

Oh yes, my child. You understand but you may not get over it that easily. First it has to be understood that an addiction of any kind, whether it may be drink or drug or medicine, or smoking, harms the soul as much as the physical body. These souls when they come on to our side must first be healed, my child. The soul has to be healed, and then the soul reviews and then the soul learns, and then when it comes back the soul will again have every, every opportunity to regain its old addiction. Every opportunity will be placed before that soul. If the soul has been addicted to drink, in its next life it will decide to be born in a family of drunkards. Why? Because if it has learnt its lessons well whether there is one drunkard in his presence or a whole room of them, the soul knows and has experienced and remembers how the drink harmed his own soul. That is when the addiction truly disappears.

Q : Sir, you spoke about taking a soul to a safe place ….can you also do this to persons who are conscious and have mental problems?

Of course, my son, of course. You must do that but my son, in a situation where the soul is conscious, where the physical body has complete control, you must take permission first. Do not do any kind of healing or help without permission, my child, because even though you might do it with a desire to help, out of love, you will build up karma. So ask permission.

Q : From their higher souls?


Q : Does this have to be done at night when they are sleeping?

Not at all. It can be done at any time. Let me explain this to you. When you do this to a person who is sleeping, yes, it might become much easier to link with the soul and the higher self. When the physical human being is moving, and talking and working, does this mean that the soul is not there? Of course the soul is there my son. But yes you have to work a little harder to reach that soul. Any time is good enough and remember, my son, when you find it difficult to reach that soul, surround that soul with prayer and you will find that any firewalls the soul might have will disappear instantaneously.