Q: Sir, the Red Indians who consumed red meat because they didnít have that kind of vegetation around, used to ask the animal for forgiveness before consuming it.


The Red Indian, my son, was linked to the food he ate. For him it was not food. My son, the Red Indian never ate because he enjoyed the taste. He ate because he knew that he required food in order to go ahead. And that is a great difference from you. You do not because of that; you eat only because you enjoy. If only you could find enjoyment in growth. And that is why when the Red Indian killed the animal, because he knew of the link between his soul and that of the animal, and he knew that once he too had been where the animal was now, he didnít quite ask forgiveness, but he allowed the understanding of one soul to merge with the understanding of another. The deer would lie down and allow itself to be killed when such an understanding was conveyed to it. The deer gave up its life because the deer understood that its role in that world was that.


Q: Sir, when they ate meat, didnít it lower their vibrations?


Oh, no. Because, my son, they were born with vibratory levels which you have to try to reach. They did not have to try they came with them. And they were earth people. One with all earth. Fire, water, air, ether, they were one. There was no separation. And it was very, very sad that the modern world instead of learning from them killed those very beings that could have helped them.


Q: Sir, my extended question is that wouldnít it help us if we did the same sort of thing with everything that we consume, not just meat?


With anything, my son, it would help. Do you remember, when we spoke to you of karma, to recognize the God within?


Yes, Sir.


Recognize the God within everything. Whether it be a leaf, or fruit, a tree, a fish or a large animal, recognize the god within. Once you recognize the god within, my son, you will ask yourself whether you really need to kill that animal. You will ask if you are not really killing the god within you.