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  Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Tardeo (opp Film Centre), Mumbai.
  Sohrab's residence at Bandra.
  Divyaa's residence at Worli.
  Ellaeenah's residence at Worli.
Every Sunday (3:30pm-5:30pm) Public Meeting: Our generic public meeting will take place at Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Tardeo (opp Film Centre). The Masters will talk on general topics with the sole purpose of "empowerment through knowledge". (Entry Fee: Rs.100)
Every Thursday


Sohrab's Meeting: These are channeled sessions for a limited group of 15 each time. Often they are inter-active. Various Masters speak to the group, and the topics discussed range from Universal Truths to personal advice....the Cosmos is the Limit! Contact Gool: 9821115427 for seat availability and more details.
Mondays & Tuesdays Sohrabs Personal Sessions: These are NOT personal question and answer sessions, but deal with personal growth. Sohrab is taken into a trance, and the Masters guide the sessions, which are unique to the person attending them. No two sessions seem to be alike. Past-life regressions occur, others are taken into personal meditations, yet others are introduced to personal issues that need to be addressed. Many are simply guided how to proceed with future spiritual work of their own. Please Click here to email Sohrab for details and booking.
Sundays after the Public Meeting Ellaeenah's Crystal Tarot Session: I have been trained personally by the Masters to answer personal queries and give personal guidance by reading and interpreting crystals. This is enhanced by the use of Angel Guidance cards as well as Healing Cards and  Channeled Messages. Click here to email Ellaeenah for details.
Sundays after the Public Meeting & other convenient days Zafar's Personal Sessions: These are one on one sessions where Zafar links with his higher energies and conducts esoteric growth/healing/empowerment sessions. The sessions tend to deal more with relationship issues. Please book in advance. Click here to Email Zafar
Tuesdays (2:00pm) 'At Home' with Divyaa: We meet in small casual groups to discuss Universal Truths. Our emphasis is on, 'Empowering each one to arrive at their own truths', 'Blending spirituality with day to day lives, so that we can create better realities in the here and now' -'Understanding that true spirituality or self growth can be a joyous peak to peak journey'. Click here to Email Divyaa for details.
Fridays (2:00pm-4:30pm) Tarot Classes: Divyaa holds beginners and advanced tarot classes. The emphasis is on learning how to use these beautiful tools without giving our power away to them; how to do readings for others and as a vital self growth tool. Click here to Email Divyaa.
Email to fix appointment Divyaa's Personal Sessions: These are one to one sessions in which Divyaa links to higher energies, and works with your personal issues, chakras etc. Each session is different depending on whatever transpires within them! Click here to Email Divyaa for details.
Email to fix appointment

Astro Chart by EllaeenahThe natal chart to throw light on the exoteric significance of the chart, but more importantly focuses on the esoteric significance by using the principles of Esoteric Astrology as taught by Master Djwhal Khul. The chart clearly tells you the Rays and Sub-rays that you are born under, your Divine Soul Potential, your Soul Mission and Purpose of this lifetime, your Soul Patterns that hinder your growth and development, your Karmic Debts, and throw light on relationship issues, health matters and career choices. Through the chart you understand the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime, which help you to release the past. Click here for More Info

You have to email me your time, place and date of birth. Click here to email Ellaeenah

Weekdays at 2:00pm by prior appointment only

Grid restructuring: This is a unique opportunity for 3D humans to take on and live with a 5th dimensional energy grid. The grid allows you to function in the 3D and 5th dimensions simultaneously, and helps you to undertake  cosmic work of large magnitude assigned to you by your Masters and guides. The work takes a few sessions (the exact number varies from person to person) as the old grid has to be gently and gradually cut away, a new grid replaced and 5th dimensional and cosmic energies to be permanently infused within. Click here to email Ellaeenah

Weekdays at 2:00pm by prior appointment only

Energy Clearance Work: Often our growth and development comes to a grinding halt not because of lack of effort but because of a build up of energy blocks and debris in the etheric and auric fields as well as in the mental and emotional bodies. These are also directly responsible for dis-ease and ill-health as well as the inability to maintain healthy relationships or progress in career. Often these blocks are caused by past soul patterns and past vows having an influence in our NOW. In the cause of daily living too we pick up and generate so much negativity that if not cleared regularly, it builds up to form blocks. This clearance work is undertaken as a personal session with the help of essential oils, crystals, incense and meditative and other energy work. The session is completely guided by SPIRIT. Click here to email Ellaeenah

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