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Joe's Sports Autographs

Luke Atkinson and Me

5/18/15 - Had three in with one being a big hit currently: Andrew Lincoln, Cowboy Bob Orton, and Dick Motta.

2/15/14 - Only had a couple in recently, I've been busy with class and work. Bernie Carbo and Kevin Fagan

11/15/14 - Had three in recently Horace Clarke, Mark Duper card, Mark Duper stadium pass, and Shane Conlan.

10/1/14 - Been on hiatus while in class and work. I'll be able to send some requests out soon. Had Luke Atkinson, Norm Johnson, and Norm Johnson 2

7/24/14 - Had Edgar Mitchell from Apollo 14 in Edgar Mitchell

4/6/14 - Had one in recently U.S. National Team goalkeeper Jill Loyden

3/23/14 - Had a couple in over the past few weeks Dr. Eugene Richardson and Eric Heiden

3/3/14 - Had some redemptions come back in the mail Tony Graffanino, Bill Hall, and Paul Wilson, Blaine Neal. Had one recent return in the mail Mark Lemke.

01/10/14 - I've had multiple requests come back this week! Finally pictures in since I don't have a scanner that is how I will work it. Fred Gregory, Peyton Manning, Austin Collier, & Vincent Jackson signed mini-ball(in-person), Tom Matte(in-person), Charles McGee, Charles McGee, Greg McMichael

12/24/13 - Had Gen. Charles Horner in last week.

12/7/13 - Haven't been on to update in a few years due to deployments. Slowly getting everything in order after moving as well. Last returns I had were Ron Roenicke, Shawn Bradley, Dell Curry, and Spike Owen. No scanner as of now anyone have suggestions for one that is compatible with Windows 7? While I was deployed to Afghanistan last year the USO tour came through and I was able to go on stage and ended up with an autographed football (Peyton Manning, Austin Collie, and Vincent Jackson.

*****I have some items for trade. Tom Brady bookmark and pre-print, Grant Hill(Magic) pre-print, Alfonso Soriano(Rangers) pre-print, Pat Burrell(Phillies) pre-print and Shaun Alexander pre-print (Seahawks).

12/17/11 - Had Al Hrabosky in he even inscribed it with " The Mad Hungarian"! Made a trade for a Maurice Stovall Topps Chrome Autograph card. I really need to go scanner shopping soon.

11/02/11 - Had Wade Wilson in the mail last week. I have a new computer so can't get my old scanner to install. I'll have to do some scanner shopping. I'll keep updating if I have anything in the mail just no scans to go along right now.

10/02/11 - Nothing in the mail lately. I have had a pack pull Tyler Colvin and an In-person with Tony Gwynn and Tony Gwynn Jr.

09/25/11 - I've had a few in just had to be home long enough to get them scanned and uploaded Dann Bilardello and Mike Marshall, Tom Lawless, and Ron Cey

08/07/11 - Had one in yesterday Calbert Cheaney and Calbert Cheaney #2. Going thru some of my older mail and found something I must have put up Bob Grich

07/24/11 - Had one in the mail yesterday Edgar Bennett and Edgar Bennett

07/17/11 - Had some from D&B's Card Chase pack Ryan Perry and Justin Parker. I've been gone for awhile so I'll work on sending some things out soon. Probably more Obak cards is what I'll put in the mail. Hopefully lockouts won't be that long!

02/04/11 - Had another success that I wanted to post Darrell Armstrong and another Darrell Armstrong

01/25/11 - Had another one in over the weekend. Haven Moses Mr. Moses also answered my letter as well.

01/22/11 - Another one in recently new Pirates manager Clint Hurdle.

01/15/11 - Slow in the mail lately. Had two back and one from Card Chase pack from Dave and Busters. Mail: Wes Helms, Ronnie Brown. Card Chase: Francisco Castillo

12/11/10 - Had a few in over the last week. One is a former Padre and the other one will probably be a former Padre. Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez

11/25/10 - Been gone a good deal. Last three in are Tedy Bruschi, Alex Gonzalez, and Alan Benes.

10/03/10 - Two in this week. Former pitcher and currently working for the Giants Dick Tidrow and former Steeler Jahine Arnold

09/26/10 - Just one in recently a two time signer for me Carlos Garcia

09/21/10 - A number of things that I have been meaning to post and some mail items as well. Older items: Carlos Boozer, James Loney. I was able to get Boozer at LAX last year which was pretty cool! Loney I received while I was gone and I wrote to him while I was overseas. Now for Mail call items: Rick Dempsey, and Kevin Greene. This is the second time I've heard back from Rick Dempsey who has always been a great signer! I was hyped to hear back from Kevin Greene as well since he was a beast of a linebacker when he played. Lastly I went to the card shop and was going thru random cards and found Tony Boselli. I told the shop owner and he said there was no way of certifying it so that is why it was in with the commons. I looked at a Boselli auto on-line and mine looks legit. Let me know what you think.

09/18/10 - Have had quite a few in over the days. Rick Schu, Jose Tabata, Austin Jackson, Chris Chambliss, and Mike Bordick

09/07/10 - Have had quite a few in over the days just had to get on and update! Tom House (coached Nolan Ryan), Matt Stairs(pinch hitter wiz), and Don Money and Brady Anderson (former Oriole)!

08/30/10 - Have a couple of items up for trade. So any Cubs or Spurs fans send an e-mail my way. Still trying to trade 2009 Obak cards as well. I'll have my scan of Larry King and Tom House up when I get some time.

08/29/10 - Had two in the last couple of days Buck Showalter and Butch Hobson.

08/23/10 - Had one in on Saturday and was hyped for it. I had Michael Cuddyer somebody I think who is really underrated! He just keeps helping his team win and playing every year really steady. Plus on top of that another one to add to my set.

08/12/10 - Another one in today Jerry Reuss

08/11/10- Two more in recently Jason Grote another one to work towards completion of my set! Chad Mottola I always was hoping he would do big things. He is a coach for the Las Vegas 51s. Had a failure in Eddie Murray I had a postcard instead.

08/05/10- Last two successes were Dave Campbell and Dan Dickel

07/23/10 - Had two in this week so far Bruce Benedict and Radhames Liz

07/18/10 - Some changes that I've been meaning to get around to. I took out my letters link so I have more room for cards. I'm looking to sell some Obak 2009 cards that I know I won't use. Obak Group 1 and Obak Group 2.

42 - Russell Arlett

43 - Walter Carlisle

45 - Oscar Eckhardt

47 - Joe Hauser

71 - Emmett Ashford

72 - Russell Blackburne

74 - Alexander Cartwright

80 - Harrison Harwood

81 - Elias Howe

85 - Virne Mitchell

88 - Patrick Powers

89 - George Rawlings

91 - Fritz and Louis Rueckheim, Henry Eckstein

94 - Harry and George Wright

Autographs in the mail this past week were Dave LaRoche, Reggie Williams, and Mariano Duncan.

07/10/10 - Had one success in the mail today current Braves scout and former manager Jim Fregosi.

07/07/10 - Had former Phillies sparkplug Larry Bowa and former Angels announcer Rex Hudler in today.

07/05/10 - Went to the 4th of July Padres vs. Astros game and wanted to update on the in-person's. Only two players came over near the fans. Carlos Lee and he posed for a few pictures. I'm not sure if he signed or not. Wilton Lopez signed for some of the fans that was it. Everyone else jumped on the bus and didn't even seem to look over at the fans. Maybe it was just everybody was ready to go home? Anyone else had similar experiences with the Astros e-mail me and let me know.

07/01/10 - Had two In-Person autographs as Steve Finley and Randy Jones were on base today! Midweek I had Dave LaPoint.

06/26/10 - More new ones in today! Former closer Kent Tekulve and Dale Sveum was nice enough to sign again. Does anybody have a better address for the Cubs? It has been twice that I get return to sender for Alan Trammell? I'm using the following

c/o Chicago Cubs

1060 West Addison Street

Chicago, IL 60613-4397

06/23/10- Excited about this week since I have had a lot of good ones! Don Baylor, Davey Johnson, and Bob Boone.

06/18/10 - I was excited about getting this one ROY winner Pat Listach and I also had Gary Ward in today.

06/13/10 - Checked today and nothing in the mail yet... have had a few in the past week though. Had Richard Dotson and Mark Loretta.

05/28/10- Had quite a few in while I was gone Ron Kittle, Von Hayes, and Mark Grant and Glenn Hoffman

05/7/10- Well I'm back and have a handful of autographs that I've received. Gabe Kapler, Jim Tracy, Aaron Harang, Martin Prado, Randy Brown, Another Randy Brown and former Slam Dunk Champ Desmond Mason, and former goalie Jeff Hackett.

09/13/09 - No, I haven't forgotten about my site. I'm not home though until spring. As I was leaving I was able to get Carlos Boozer to graph up for me. I do have some sucesses though from what I heard. Can't wait to see what I have. Sending out requests while I'm gone and I'll see how those go. Go Braves by the way!

It's been pretty slow since I haven't put that many requests out. I have had two requests back lately though former pitcher Bob Walk and current manager Ron Washington.

05/01/09 - It's been slow since I haven't sent that many out. Two in former NHLer Tom Kurvers and Bobby Crosby

04/03/09 - Been awhile since I had one. This one a Spring Training success as well Billy Hatcher.

03/13/09 - Sweetness! another one in today and really like this 'graph too of Davey Lopes.

03/12/09 - Been awhile since I moved across country. Only had one in though Dave Leiper.

01/24/09 - Had three in recently. Jason Allen, Drew Brees, and John Cullen.

01/05/09 - One in today from former LB Bill Bergey.

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