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                                               THE AMANI CENTRE

              You say- ''What is this centre thing anyway?''

                       The Amani centre is for handicapped children in Tanzania, in South Africa.

                        The before-mentioned Mrs. Bhatia is a good friend of the founder of the 

                       centre, Mrs. (ill get back to you on that), whose own son has a disability.

                      The Tanzanian government is in heavy debt and also had very little money

                       to spare in the first place so handicapped children were often abandoned

                       and left to die. Not liking this at all, Mrs. (''    '') started her, originally 

                      very small, centre which has now benefited from donations that are not

                     just from F.A.C.E and is now quite a large centre. All our proceeds from our

                    in school events, sponsored events and the much loved Friday sweet shop 

                    go straight to the centre, no exceptions. The centre is currently undergoing

                    an extension which should allow more children to attend. Even though our

                     funding is a great help to the centre the money is often in short supply

                    so the children are short on the small pleasures that make up a lot

                      of our lives. A very limited number of children can be taken in, and the

                       centre can only cater to its local area. Even through these downsides

                        the centre has stood firm for many years and hopefully will last many more.