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Why, hello there.

Welcome, Christé. As you may have recalled from previous summers, I enjoy creating websites, and, in recent memory, have begun creating websites for you for holidays. (Birthdays and Christmases included) Now, last summer, I created for you a website devoted 100% to Legolas Greenleaf, played by Orlando Bloom. Now, this summer, Orlando has released a new movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, I considered making you a page devoted, again, to him, but hey, I don't even know if you've seen the most amazing movie to ever hit theatres (with the possible exceptions of The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix) yet. Therefore, this is not a page devoted to Pirates. This however, is, and you are invited to peruse at your leisure.

I decided then, to pursue art for your birthday. All pictures on this site by me are old, with only a couple exceptions. However....

My goal was to get as many pictures of you by other artists as possible. I got only one, but she's amazing, so that makes me feel happy enough as it is. :D

Enjoy, Christé.

And have a very happy 16th birthday.