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Welcome to the world of Pirates. A sensational new movie came out this summer, starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner. An amazing, swash-buckling story, thousands have been caught up in its thrall, yours truly, as always, no exception.

As such, I welcome you to The Unicorn, the latest ship to, albeit reluctantly, join the fleet of Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship, The Black Pearl. Aboard such ship, you shall meet the former Captain, now under Sparrow's command, Georgia Cooper, known the seven seas over only as Unicorn, for her ship. Considered bad luck on a ship for being a woman, Ali revels in her evasion of 'bad luck', and celebrates the fact that she was born left-handed - branding her as 'a devil child'.

Here, for now, is only the pictures of an adventure that shall one day scale over all others previous adventures. Soon, this den of thieves and cutthroats shall become a bounty of information and writing and art.

For pirates do what no others have done - they hold your imagination, steal your thoughts, and hold your muses captive. the Caribbean.