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What, you thought there was a real emergency? Well, yes, there is. IT'S YOUR 15th BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Seems pretty important to me.....:)
So here's your surprise. I've made a rather pathetic page for you for your b-day. (actually, I admittably threw this part of the page together this'll have fun with it, I'm sure. Why? Cause I'm sure you will.
Well, here's picture number one:

This here speciman is Legolas from the animated Lord of the Rings. Pathetic, I know, but it's still Legolas.

Here's number two: Legolas, talking to somebody or other.

Number three:
The impressive (and good looking) archer looking good at doing what he does.

Number four:
Artist's rendition of everyone's favourite elf!

Number five:
Concerned looking young man with a bow!!!

Number six:
He looks so worried - you're probably doing some silly stunt and he's worried for you!

Number seven:
I dunno, he's looking at you!

Number eight:
Three people, but of course Legolas is central!

Number nine:
An interesting artist's rendition of Legolas. ("You have my bow.")

Number 10:
Look, I think he knows how to play music on it!

Number 11:
He's testing out those arrows of his...

Number 12:
Doesn't he look ticked at someone?

Number 13:
So suave, so pretty. :)

Number 14:
Artist's rendition of boy and bow.

Number 15:
Good picture for looking at detail of the elf.

Number 16:
I dunno if this is in the movie (cause I ain't seen it!) but Legolas seems to like his bow and arrows.

Number 17:
It's a little odd (I don't get the tattos-does he actually have those?) But I thought that you'd like it!!! ;)

Number 18:
Another artist's rendition (by Andy of Spiced Peaches) that I thought you'd like too! ;)

Here's a link to the next one, a wallpaper! Legolas Wallpaper (Client # 48892)

Okay, so there are only a few pictures of your favourite eye-candy so far.....don't worry, when The Force is Bored finally becomes a real and major site, there will be a whole big major section of your lucious elf, kay?
I hope you like this pathetic attempt at a birthday greeting, and I hope it made you smile a little, and maybe you'll even bookmark this page so that, when I have time to actually work on it, you can come check out this page when there's tons of Legolas!!!
TTFN, twin!!! Have a sweet birthday!!

Okay, this page hasn't ended yet.....I've gotten more insane since yesterday when I started this page. (That and I've had time to scan the net and find new, cooler things). So, here's a section on Frodo and Sam because you said they're so much like us (I think you oughta be Sam, though :))
This is something cool I found on the net....check this out!

Sam Gamgee

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Sam, Hobbit, Frodo's humble servant.

In the movie, I am played by Sean Astin.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Yeah, that's what happened to me.....o.O......

Here's a nifty pic of the two buddies who are so much like us...
I like this one better though, cause Sam doesn't look as dumb...

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