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Proposed ride outs for the new season


We will meet at Mc Donald's  on the Moor Farm Roundabout on the A 189 spine road at 9:30 am to leave at 10:00 anyone wishing to join us is welcome to Come along and meet the gang

A trip to Europe has been proposed by some of the members. More details will follow when we receive them.

Any one with any suggestions for ride outs in the coming season please let us know at the meetings. There will be both short and long ride outs to accommodate smaller machines and novices

We also have some weekends away planned for later in the year



As you can see our runs have come to an end for this season, any suggestions for next year

 whether they are for runs out, both long and short, or for social day/evenings please let us know

Thank you for all your ongoing and continued support







Members Pix