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~Welcome To Hello, Hayden Christensen!~


Make sure you turn your speakers on!!!

You could...Make a Hayden of a Difference!, find out how to Watch two Episodes of Higher Ground each week, Visit the Tribute to Higher Ground mini-site... Adopt a Hayden Lifestyle, Read or Write Hayden Fanfiction, Poetry ...

You could add your Site to the Hayden Classifieds where everyone will see it, read Hayden's Hobbit Name, Find out which day of the week he was born on...and read what that tells us about him...Check out the Original Star Wars Trilogy Tribute Pages, Compose a Hayden Song Lyric, or visit his friend, Jonathan Jackson's, new movie, Tuck Everlasting,a Mini-Site...

Thank you for visiting Hello, Hayden! It is currently a work in progress, but go ahead and walk through it, I'll be adding new pages until my space is gone.

Which shouldn't take too long.

In Hello, Hayden Christensen! -you just might see some things you've never seen before! They're that different-or I am!

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~Questions, complaints or comments? Disclaimer in my Photo Gallery, or email me~