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Holiday Drive Bridge

The Story: Stories of a lynching here by the KKK. Road is very narrow and quite isolated. Very dark at night. Gravel road. Many curves through the woods. Reported screams heard here late at night. Located off of North Michigan Rd. past N. Michigan and Willow Rd. On left hand side. Look for small green street sign.

Location: Zionsville, Indiana

These pictures were taken on 10/30/04 while checking the bridge at Zionsville.  We took a lot of pictures with little to no result then these with a 5.0 mega pixel digital, please note it's a clear full moon night no precipitation and is about 56 to 60 degrees.  Two showing orb 16 and 17 is moving notice the gravel below is not moving. The last when you zoom in appears to be a man in boots and his out line up to his upper body