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Haunted House

The Story: In the early '90's, there was a man who was very into the KKK scene. One night, he went crazy and murdered his wife and locked his daughter in a trunk in the attic. After that, he went into the bathroom and slit his wrists in the bathtub. By the time the police arrived, the daughter had suffocated in the trunk. The house is now abandoned. People say that the trunk is still in the attic, and you can see claw marks inside of the trunk where the daughter tried to claw her way out. In the bathtub, you can see blood rings from where the father commit suicide. There is also supposedly a room that is locked from the inside in the house, where you can hear scratching from the inside. The Indiana police completely covered up the crime because it was KKK-related.

Location: 500 N, just off of highway 49; Valparaiso, IN.

I visited this abandoned house with my friends about a month ago. It was extremely scary. When walking into the house, you have to walk through a bunch of tall grass and weeds. To the left of the house, there is what looks like a tree house and a tire swing. It was pretty windy, so yes, the tire swing was moving. To the right of the house, there is an old garage that looks to be very broken down. Straight back from that there is an extremely black barn or something. We weren't 100% it was part of the house, so we didn't want to risk going all the way back there. We continued into the house. If you do decide to go, watch out for the glass all over the porch. We walked in, the house was completely trashed. There were coloring books, microwaves, mini-TV's from the '80's, and just about everything on the ground. We found a Polaroid picture of a little girl. We looked around the house and found newspapers, so we looked at the date. It was from 2002. There is no doubt in my mind that homeless people freeload in there all the time. We looked around some more and a cat jumped out behind a couch, completely scaring the shit out of us. We looked at one staircase, and it was completely wrecked. We've been told that the house is NOT stable enough to go to the attic. We found another staircase and continued up the stairs, one at a time, making sure it was stable. All 5 of us got up the stairs okay, and we started looking around. We went into a bedroom, and there were tons of clothes just hanging up on hangers in a closet with the door broken down. We saw the ladder to the attic, and it was DEFINITELY not stable enough for us to go up there, unfortunately. We were all getting a very weird vibe just being in the house. Then we started walking downstairs slowly. We went to investigate the rooms a little bit more. That's when we heard glass crunching, like someone was coming in the house. We all just darted out of the house, back to the road. I haven't been back since.

Tips: This house has a no trespassing sign, so I definitely suggest parking your car in a nearby neighborhood and walk down the road to the house.