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Shoe Factory Road

The Story: First driving down the road there is a forest where you can see little children running though the woods mostly around where the lake is it is said that there had been deaths there when Hoffman was a farm town if you go a lot father you can then see a barn on the right side and it is said that seventeen years ago that a man escaped from the psycho ward and was staying in the barn but when the owners of the house found out and tried to get rid of him he killed the family and they were found hanging in the barn you can see lights on in the barn sometimes little more down you see an abandoned house on the left where a child killed his parents five years ago because they treated him like a child if you drive pass the house there are roses on the street sometimes and you can see a child playing on the steps with a knife.

Location: Barrington, Illinois

I recently drove past the house off shoe factory road in Barrington that the child murdered his family there.  Here are some pictures I took.