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Haunted House

The Story: Coming from I-74 and hwy.44 at Shelbyville go towards Rushville to rays crossing. Look for big grain elevator then turn left at 600n. follow the rd. till it curves left then right then left to the T that is union rd. turn right. Go over bridges (rd.curves a lot). The house sits on left side all by itself about 5 mi. from first bridge. Story has it a young girl was accidentally shot in this house. You will definitely know this house when you see it. It is a boarded up mansion and has barb wire fence around the whole thing so no one can get in. There is a bright light shinning on the house at night. The house is pad locked and there is keep out signs on the front and lots of graffiti. You can still go and stand outside the fence. You can hear scratching on the boarded up windows coming from the inside and on the front doors. Each time it got louder and louder like something was trying to get out. It sounds like someone pacing hard wood floors on the inside. Moaning can be heard and faint talking. Kids used to go inside and perform rituals but a lot of kids were hurt in the house and bad things happened to them so they make sure no one goes in now.

Location: Shelbyville, Indiana

Me and my 3 friends visited the house with barbed wire around the outside last night. We had 2 others drive the cars around so not to be bothered by local police.
We found a boarded up window/ used to be window leading to the basement and knocked it loose. We then entered the basement. When in the basement we thought we heard faint talking but we weren't sure so we decided to walk up the stairs leading into the main part of the house. Getting up to the main part was
disappointing. It looks to me like some people lived there and just decided to move.. Everything inside is pretty modern. Overall anticipation was better than the house itself.