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Reeder Road and Ross Cemetery


The Story: A girl named Elizabeth Wilson drowned in a swamp after the car she was riding in went off the road into a swamp. People say that if you drive down the road at night you can see Elizabeth waiting on the side of the road waiting for a ride back to her house down the road. People who claimed to give her a ride back to her house get as far as Ross cemetery before she disappears. The same cemetery that she was buried in 1955.

Location: Reder Road in Griffith, Indiana

Me and a couple of my friends have wondered about Reeder road in Griffith, Indiana.  We visited it several times, but nothing much more than 2 deer and a couple snakes spooked us.  Just a couple days ago, my friend came across a book haunted Indiana, we saw Reeder road in it and decided to take another shot at going there.  Instead of going to Reeder road, which is actually spelled REDAR road, we searched for Ross cemetery.  When we found it finally we searched that about 10 minutes and were chased out by someone on a four wheeler.  We went back the next day and searched for the stone on Elizabeth Wilson for about an hour.  We did not find her grave stone there ourselves.  We are starting to think that either this was made up or her name is different.  But I have heard that there is another part of Reeder road that is in Merrillville, Indiana.  That is suppose to be the haunted one.  But I went to that one and didn't see anything there either.

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Another Investigation at Reeder Road

 I went to Reder Road and it was pretty scary but nothing interesting happened there until I went home. I was leaving my friends house in Crown Point and when I stopped for a stop sign in the neighborhood, I saw a woman dressed in all black but the weird thing about this woman was she wasn't walking she was floating. She floated right past my car and then just disappeared. And that night after it happened i got about 2 hours of sleep because every time I closed my eyes I saw her.

Another Investigation at Reeder Road
and Ross Cemetery

We went to Ross Cemetery around 10:30 p.m on Oct 22, 2005 We searched and searched for Elizabeth Wilson's tombstone. We had no luck in finding it. We heard from other people that it is located in one of the rear corners of the cemetery. I took some pictures with a disposable camera. I have to get those developed tomorrow. About Midnight, we decide to go to Reeder Rd. I took pictures of the gate with my camera phone and I did find a figure of what seems like a woman standing in front of the gate. I took several pictures with my camera phone. There are many blue streaks in many pictures. I brought a video camera with me also and tried to film our way down Reedar Road. It was pitch black and I couldn't see anything through the camera lens so I didn't record much.  We actually walked the whole way which took us about an hour to do so. The weird thing is it only took us a half an hour to get back to the gate. We didn't physically see anything but we thought we would see stuff leap up and then run back into the woods. We did hear a lot of strange noises coming from the woods. Twigs breaking and leaves ruffling around and we knew for sure we wasn't the ones making the noise. We experienced many drastic temperature changes. I don't know if it was our imaginations playing tricks on us but we didn't feel comfortable or at ease while walking through the woods. When we crossed the tracks, we didn't see any black figure walking slowly toward us???? I did hear loud popping sounds at the tracks though. When we finally got back to the gate I took some more pictures with my phone and one particular picture you can see an image of a woman holding a baby. It freaked me out and I'm probably going to investigate this again.