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Primrose Road

The Story: If you go down Primrose at a speed less than 20mph your tires of your car will get slashed. If you go over the speed of 30mph the car will just die. Either way if either things happen you will have to walk. They say if you have a cell phone there will be no signal. While you are walking down Primrose you will hear strange ghostly noises and see things. They say ghosts appear and talk to you, telling you to turn around and go back to the car because there is danger. They also say that the old farmhouse will appear and if you walk up to it an old lady will answer the door in a white night gown. She is claimed to be the lady of luck. They say if she invites you in that your luck will become better, but if she rejects you, when you go back to your car it won't be there.

Location: South Bend, Indiana

We go to Primrose on occasion hoping to see something and sometimes just for the sheer urban legend of it. One night my husband and I took a drive out there. We drove down Primrose (it was pretty late) to Adams, turned around, and drove back through Primrose. All was well until we got to the paved part of Primrose. I turned around and saw headlights and at first I figured it was another thrill seeker. Whoever it was was barreling down the road and was quickly catching up with us. I started to get a little nervous so I told my husband to speed up. It was an old red pickup truck (I'm talking '40's model or older.) It was as if it were chasing us out. The faster we went the faster it went. Now I watched the whole time out the back window and this truck would disappear and reappear randomly. It was freaky. Some time later a friend of ours from Michigan wanted to go to Primrose because I had told her about the truck. We took her and did the same thing: drove down Primrose, turned around at Adams, drove back down Primrose, and just as we were about to hit the paved road, an old red pickup seemed to come out of nowhere and chase us out. It did the same random "disappearing" act throughout the chase. So not only did my husband and I witness this, so did our friend. I had heard about a phantom truck out there back in high school, but until those experiences, I had dismissed them as stories. Also, when my 2 best friends and I go out there together, we usually have something or another a bit odd happen.

Another Investigation At Primrose Road

On May 8, 2005 a few of my friends and i went to primrose road... hoping for a ghost sighting. strangely on the corner of Brick and Primrose, the street lamp went out the three times we passed by it. then a minute later... it would turn back on. it even shut off when one of my friends walked by it. then, we parked on the side of the road, facing the street lamp. there was a car behind us and when it passed by the lamp, it turned off as well. we took a few pictures of the road and got a few orbs. we did go forty mph and nothing did happen. in the orb pictures...  I circled the orbs.