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Mudlavia Hotel


The Story: A long time ago there was this hotel in Kramer called Mudlavia.  It used to be a hotel and spa.  Now some nights you can here the spirits having parties blocks away from the hotel and at all times there is some creepy stuff that goes on, such as voices and marks being left on your body.  Sometimes you can see them walk from one room to the other.  

Location: Kramer, Indiana

I have been there before at night... several times... It's the worst during a full moon. When I was there, I went in through the back way.  There is this driveway and we went to the end of the driveway and through that back door. We walked slowly through the hall, letting the sights and sounds, yes, sounds.. sink in. we got to the main room and stopped.  Something drew me to walk up the stairs... I only made it halfway up before hearing two gunshots... I ran down the stairs and joined my friends. We saw an apparition running down the stairs... needless to say, we all left.  I have been back since. The place has an evil feel to it.

Thanks to for sharing this story

I live in Attica, Indiana, which is about 3 miles from Mudlavia. I have been there numerous times and nothing has ever happened. A few of my friends have been there and had strange occurrences happen to them. Most of them said that they heard voices and/or felt cold chills. I know the owners of Mudlavia and I know that they mess with people when they go there. They will flash lights and make noises to scare people. There are people that go there and have sťances and try and conjure up spirits.