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Mt. Hope Cemetery


The Story: As you enter this cemetery which has been there since the early 1800s you an hear the sounds of horses even though there arenít any horse farms around for miles and if you whistle someone will whistle with you it is pretty freaky and there are mausoleums that you can walk in to and many weirdly inscribed tombs like "knock three times and they shall come"

Location: Logansport, Indiana

Directions: Logansport has two main roads, Market and Broadway and depending which way you come in will decided which road you will be on.  Market Street is also US - 24W.  Directions from Market Street: Drive straight until you see 6th street then take a right.  Continue to go straight through 3 stop lights and 1 flashing light.  Then the road will start to curve to the left.  Here you will take a sharp right onto Henry Street and then a left at the next street which is Pleasant Hill.  Go straight and you will see the main entrance to the the cemetery. 

We took a camera and tape recorder.  It was about 60 degrees and around 10 p.m. out and Nothing out of the  ordinary happened while we were there.  No sound of horses or whistling.  We got quite a few orbs, I have looked at most of the tombs and mausoleums and I have yet to find one that say knock three times and they shall come.  Please keep in mind that I have looked several times and so have some of our friends.  All we got were some orbs and the EMF detector kept going off and batteries kept draining.

Click Here For Pictures From This Investigation.


Our thanks to Cassandra for sharing this investigation.