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Mississinewa Battle Grounds Graveyard

The Story: There is known to be many ghosts and there are at least four or so haunted caves in the town.

Location: Mississinewa Battle Grounds, Indiana

It was a nice night....clear and probably in the upper 60's.  It was Sunday May 29th 2005 at around 11pm.  We parked the car and got out.  There is a house that isn't too far from where the church and graveyard are and we were a little worried about being caught, but we pushed on.  It was so dark that it was hard to find where to open the picket fence at and there are large rocks that keep it from opening.  We moved the rocks and started toward the church.  We took my digital camera and a mini tape recorder.  We made it back to where the graves started.  We didn't see anything out of the ordinary or hear any noises.  We looked around and took a few pictures.  After 10 minutes we both got a very uneasy feeling and headed back towards the car.  The whole time we felt like someone was right behind us and was almost at a run by the time we got back to the car.  There wasn't anything on the recorder or any of the pictures, but there seemed to be a definite presence.