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Hell's Gates

The Story:  Legend has it that a past tragedy involving a train derailment is what has brought all these spirits here. Stop your car at night and you can hear laughing, screaming, and then a crashing noise, as if the train is derailing over and over again, stuck in time. They say there are like 7 or so gates...and an underground cult in the area.

Another Story: Stop the car and flash your lights three times. Then go through and turn around. Go through again, but stop in the middle this time. Turn your car off and sit there for 10 minutes. Then the graffiti will start to glow and blood will run down the walls. If you see your name on the wall, banging on the windows and the roof of the car will start. After it stops, start car again and go through. There is a tree and you will see (if you see your name on the wall) two kids hanging from the tree, but don't stay to look around go fast cause after you see your name your supposed to die.

Location: Diamond, Indiana which is North of Brazil, Indiana.

 I went to Hell's Gates on Saturday June 4th around 11:30AM. When I got there I found the 7th gate. On the way there I accidentally ran over a possum that was already dead. On the way back from there I saw the same possum gone. Well it wasn't quit gone. It was alive on the road. As I looked closer I saw that there was blood running from his eyes.  It kind of freaked me out. I just wanted to let everyone no to be careful with what they are getting there self into when they go there.