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Little Egypt and Troll Bridge


These spots were visited on Aug. 8 at midnight.  The moon was an eerie red crescent moon.  My friend's son J (20) and I went to this spot and waited for my wife and her 4 friends as we were going to "punk" them, you know like MTV.  Little Egypt is fenced off and there were no hand prints or apparitions.  We parked down the road across troll bridge and walked up to it.  It has soy beans on the one side and corn on the other.  We walked across it by ourselves and saw nothing.  It is a Really dark place but no black figure.  We waited at the bridge for about 20 minutes until our quarry arrived.  When they arrived we flashed a light up the bridge and I started to approach the car wearing a troll wizard mask like in the animated Lord of the Rings.  My wife friends were hysterical and we have this on video tape.  They forgot to turn on the night vision but you can hear all their screams and pleas for my wife to take off.  She was in on the joke.  We never saw anything, there were some strange noises but this is just country wilderness.  A week earlier my wife and her friends went out there at about 11 pm and saw nothing as well.  Just thought I'd let you now.

Another Investigation Done By Other Ghost Haunters

 My wife and I went to both places on August 31, 2004 at 12 am . There weren't any hand prints on the car. No apparitions appeared at the cemetery. The cemetery was locked ( with barbwire at the top). We then went on to the bridge. The bridge is spooky but nothing 7 to 8 feet tall chased us or threw things at us. Now I had taken a trip earlier today around 4 and found both places. I took pictures of both places in the afternoon and at Midnight just for comparison. And to see if there were any orbs.

Thanks to Tim and Heidi for sharing there investigation.

Another Investigation Done By Other Ghost Haunters At Little Egypt

I have been to Little Egypt and it lives up to its popularity. One day I hope to go back and take some pictures. THE BAD THING about this poor little seemingly abandoned cemetery is that it has been BADLY vandalized. I have not been there for some time now but when I was.  There were four of us. It was a spur of the moment thing, we drove from Goshen where we all either live or hung out together and were talking and I had never been there so they took me. It was a little chilly out but not too bad. It was a full moon, clear sky late probably 1-2am. We got out and walked up the the cemetery which is on a mound (least looks like one) there was a poorly put up barbed wire fence that was probably only 2-3 feet from the ground that was torn down in places. SEVERAL tombstones were damaged and knocked over, the only one that I really remember standing out was that of the baby that is in so many stories. Interesting things about the cemetery are the set up- the spacing of the graves I believe that there are many that were left unmarked once you been to enough cemeteries you can just kind of tell. There was a strange fog that settled just over the cemetery it is in the middle of a couple fields and with the full moon it was apparent that the fog only rested over the cemetery. There were no strange farmers although we all had the sense of being watched and that we were definitely not alone. We could see a white house not too far off I assume that it use to be a family plot that use to be related to those that lived in that house. There were definitely strange sounds that could be heard I would definitely recommend this as a late night visit next time I make it down I am bringing a camera! HOWEVER do be cautious last I knew no one was too sure who takes care of the place and that there is someone who will chase you off if you are seen who is very much of the living.

Another Investigation Done By Other Ghost Haunters At Little Egypt

Me & my family went to the troll bridge & cemetery last weekend, because we had searched the internet for haunted places. We all got in my dads van and went to Bremen. Once we got there, we had some trouble finding the road 5A but we finally found it. We went down it around 11 pm and were totally scared because of the area surrounding us was like in the middle of no where. We finally came to a fork in the road and went straight instead of possibly turning left and came to a troll bridge. Everyone was like 'omg its the troll bridge!' and we just crossed it and kept going straight and on our way down the road we started seeing tire marks of figure 8's in the road, all the way down it til we got to the cemetery. Once I saw the cemetery I thought, 'Wtf..why would there be a cemetery in the middle of no where..I mean honestly..and how the cemetery had no sign whatsoever of the name of it (which was supposedly called Little Egypt Cemetery but I recently found out that its real name is Ewald Cemetery). We parked our car right next to the cemetery and started looking at the graves and couldn't see any names or dates on them and then my grandpa got a nickel and threw it on a baby's tombstone and we indeed did hear a cry. Once we all heard that we all ran in the car and took off. We then stopped at the troll bridge and my uncle & grandpa got out and started looking around to see if we could spot anything or anyone and then my aunt shouts, ' guys get in the car right now' and we looked behind us and there was a tall dark thing chasing us. Then we left and went home.

We had thought it was really scary so we recently went back there a few nights ago to see if anything unusual would happen again. Once we got there to the cemetery, we all got out (except for my mom who was driving) and my mom had turned the car off and my cousin saw a flashlight sitting on the ground and he picked it up. Then we started looking around and threw another nickel and just after we threw it we were waiting to see if we would hear the baby's cry and my mom screams, "OMG!! OMG!! You guys get in right now!! There's a f**kin car coming out of the cornfield heading towards us!!" So everyone jumped in a we took off and I looked back and the car was right there behind us, about a few feet away. We started speeding up, going about 70 mph and that car was speeding up too and chased us and once the car got a little past the troll bridge, he turned off his headlights and must of stopped because we didn't see him anywhere. Once we came to the main road you go down to get to 5A, we turned right and drove til we came to the next intersection and turned right. We drove down this road and then came to a dead end and above the sign, it said Hawthorne road. We then sat there and tried to figure out which way to go and decided to turn around and take a left and go on the road that would lead us to the church. Once we came to the church we went straight past the church and slowed down and they decided that they wanted to turn around because the road had torn up corn in it and it was freaking everyone out. So we pulled into someone's drive way and slowly turned back around and my mom screamed and was like , 'omg I saw someone all in black standing under that pine tree!!' Everyone started screaming and once we came back by the church we turned left and went all the way down til we got to the main road and turned left and went down 4th street (where everyone happened to be turning, which I thought was quite strange) and followed some car and decided to turn left down this dirt road and were confused because it was a road we hadnt been down or anything and came to a dead end and stopped and heard a weird horn sound and quickly turned left and drove and ended up by the church again!! We were so scared and confused and then we decided to leave.