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Jefferson Township Centralized School

Location: Southeast of New Haven, IN off Lincoln Highway.

 I went with a few people to check it out. The front and back doors were unlocked and wide open or a long time. But I think too many people vandalized the place because it is now locked up. Someone has broke open one of the doors, so we are staying away to avoid any possible police involvement.

Legend has it that one of the male teachers raped and killed a female teacher in the basement many years ago. The male teacher is supposed to haunt the place, and the female teacher came back to keep him under control and not hurt anyone else. I'm not sure if this has any truth or not. Also one of the trustees burned every piece of documents (including building blueprints, student info, and other important papers) he could find about 4-5 years ago.

I'm sending a few pics of the inside. The last pic looks like someone is standing in the back of the room. After taking that pic, we went back into the school. We found something in the back of the room, but the 4 of us that were there all had the urge to get out and leave ASAP. It was a very weird feeling.