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Dogface Bridge

The Story: Back in the 1950's a couple were driving over a bridge heading out on their honeymoon, When a dog ran out in front of them the couple swerved and ended up driving off the side of the bridge still killing the dog Now there are 2 stories, one both died, and the there the male died but either way the woman's head and the dogs head was chopped off and they were unable to find the woman's body and the dogs head, Now it is said as you walk down the path there are 2 bridges the first bridge is weak and very old the second is the one they crashed off, It isn't even there yet you can see the Cement sidings from where it once stood. Supposedly when you go down the path you will see the body of the woman wearing the dogs head, if you do not beat her off of the first bridge and back to your car she will kill you, by supposedly eating you alive. There have been rumors of bodies found and people being shot at. As you walk you can hear strange animal snorting howls and growls , while the entire area is made of swamp and it is a known fact that, Wolves and Coyotes do NOT go near swampy areas. 

Location: On 1100 W just North of 500 S in San Pierre, Indiana

Directions: Take Highway 421 to 500 S and turn West on 500 S. Go a little ways and you will come to a stop sign. That road is 1100 W. Turn North on 1100 W and follow it about 1/2 mile and you will come to the bridge and a dead end.

Me and my 4 friends decided to go to Dogface bridge on September 25, 2004. We decided to have "D" drive thinking she would be the best get away driver in case we got really freaked out. She made the trip most enjoyable because of the fact that we were still about 10 miles away and she was already freaking out. Every time we made a turn She was saying "Oh my God!! We should turn around. We're gonna die!" Needless to say when we finally arrived there she stayed in the car with her boyfriend and locked the doors. 

"C", "S", and I were eager to get out and go to the bridge. At first I thought it was just going to be one of those regular bridges with the guardrails, but it was one of those really old steel, structured bridges. We were chicken when we first walked on it. We stood huddled together looking around us and asking every 5 seconds "What was that? Did you hear that? Just shut up and listen!!" We got up enough nerve to walk across the bridge and down the path (to the next bridge we read about on a site). The path is out in the middle of no where in the woods. It felt like we were walking for an eternity. All of a sudden I realized that C and S were running the opposite direction, so I took off too. We stopped back on the bridge to catch our breath to figure out what the hell just happened. AGAIN we started down the path, keeping conversation and walking fast. We walked a lot farther down the path this time but never came to a second bridge. The path kept getting smaller and I thought I saw some freaky eyes so we decided to turn around and WALK (we earlier decided NO RUNNING) back to the bridge. I guess you could say we were kind of pussies, but at least we got out of the car!! Anyhow, there holes on the path of the bridge and loose rocks fall down them. We startled at these noises the first couple of times we walked over them, but this last time we were already passed the holes and in the middle of the bridge when we heard WAY too much disturbance under the bridge. We ran all the way back to the car, jumped in, and left.  S said if you walk deep enough into the woods to where you can still see your cars break lights (friends stayed in the running car) she saw a red skull formed by the lights and trees.

When we went out there during the day we saw a person who seemed to be living like a hermit...and we stopped to talk to some farmers to ask what they know of the property and story. They said to their knowledge no one should live there but we saw a person! We didn't let them know we had already been back there. We asked them if they knew who owned the property and the said no. We also asked them if they knew of a second bridge to which they also replied no, but I assure you there is. We would have never walked back to it in the dark. If you go Take some OFF DEEP WOODS, and watch out for hunters. tis the season and supposedly they have a camp somewhere back there.

Another Investigation At Dogface Bridge

My friends and i heard about dogface bridge so we decided to go there one day it was Wednesday  October 27, 2004. It was about 8 p.m. it was dark by then. my friend jen, and me didn't believe in it so we decided to run ahead and go in the woods and scare them. we scared then and they started to scream. it was so hilarious. then brian was ahead of jen and me. he tried to scare everyone by says go back really loud and everyone started running besides jen and me cuz we knew he was dicking around. we decided to go back cuz we thought we went down way to far. As everyone was on the first bridge we heard dogs barking but it was a distance so we didn't move. Everyone was looking around for something on the first bridge and Brad found and tire and as soon as he said tire (the woman died in a car accident) you could just hear like 20 dogs start barking and it got closer and closer by then everyone started for the cars and jen and me were last so we heard the dogs really close. it sounded like they were not that far behind and i was not about to look either cuz i would have paused. jen tripped over the a board that was kind of blocking the bridge as we were running, so the dogs got even closer. i was so scared everyone was already in the car when jen and me got in. i was like thanks guys for leaving me. i asked everyone if they heard the dogs barking too and they said yeah and i was "ohh my god it has to be true." i believed that ghost were really real after that day.

My friends and i wanted to go again and investigate cuz it was not to dark and it was the day before Halloween. there was Tara, Will, Brad, Scott, Lindsay, Sasha, Isreal, and me. we all got out of our cars and started walking up to the bridge. it was really windy out which made it even scarier. It looked like the bridge was going to collapse. it making this really weird noise so we made Will and Brad go over it first to see if it would hold them. it did so i dragged lindsay with me and i almost stepped in the holes that are on the bridge. Brad saw something to his right it was covered in weeds and leaves. he shined his lights on the object and there it was it was a white car with the hood open and it was smashed into a tree. We just stood there for a while and we thought car accident, car in a tree. As soon as we realize we started running and the dogs started barking again. It was even scarier cuz we actually found the car and tires that came from the car. Like it happened last time the dogs started barking again and it got closer and closer. We all got in the truck and we really believe that this shit is true and if anyone wants to go there the tire is in the water on the left side of the bridge and the car is on the right side right as you get of the bridge going into the woods. i never believed in this stuff i just thought it was in my head but now i really do. i don't believe there is a second bridge because we found everything on the first bridge and everything happened on the first bridge but we also were too scared to go that far back to see if there was a second bridge.

Another Investigation At Dogface Bridge

On March 23, 2005 we went to San Pierre to check out the dog faced bridge, this was an excellent trip. like past investigations we definitely saw and heard things. there was the old car wrecked into a tree and growling noises at our feet every time we would walk. as soon as u stop the noises also stop. there was also a fire in the woods, and no matter how close we walked it always stayed the same distance, and I don't know to many hunters camping at this time of year. we walked all the way to then 2nd bridge, well what's left of it. and then on our way back there was a light, like a police spotlight shining at us from the bridge, as we walked closer it seemed to have disappeared. we thought someone was playing games on us so we hurried up to the top of the bridge but nothing was there. the girls that were with us freaked out and started to run, and as soon as they started running dogs or wolves or something started howling and growling as if they were right next to us but we couldn't hear sounds like they were moving, just getting closer. its definitely worth the trip!

Thanks to C-Lo for sharing this investigation.

Another Investigation At Dogface Bridge

The 1st time we went to Dogface Bridge was this past August. It was Amy, Sarah, and I. Sarah and I had never been there before and Amy had. Amy was the one that told us about it and suggested that we go. She'd had a really frightening experience previously. Nonetheless, we ended up going. We took Amy's car. It was about an hour drive. It was a straight shot up SR 43. Anyway, we're going down the dead-end road and *already* we're freaking out. We were actually freaking out once we turned off 43 b/c we were beginning to get out into the country! So yeah, we're going down the ONE way path/road full of POTHOLES (lol) and we finally get to the end where the bridge is. BTW, at first we thought we saw someone or another car but it was just a reflector off the bridge. So we get down to the end of the bridge and we immediately do a 10 point turn about (note: The space to turn around is VERY limited) incase we would need to leave quickly for any reason (smart idea, btw). So we park the car, get out, and explore the 1st bridge. At that time we were creeped out bad enough to where the 1st bridge alone was *enough* for the night--we weren't even thinking about the 2nd one. We wanted to come back with some guys before making any attempt like that. Nonetheless, we started hearing dogs bark and all of these weird noises and so we turned around to walk back to the car and all of a sudden down the road we saw this HUGE white spotlight--I crap you NOT. It was like in JEEPERS CREEPERS. It was just this huge light, and it looked as if it was coming for us down the road right AT us. At this time we were really freaked out, and we had NO idea what it was or how we would even get out with it being there in the way. So we ran back to the car and something happened with Amy's keys, or keyless entry, and she had trouble getting the doors unlocked. Yeah, that did NOT help matters. She was shaking so bad that she couldn't press the right button. Nonetheless, we finally got in and right then the light disappeared, which makes NO sense what-so-ever, b/c there was NO way for that car, or *whatever* it was to turn around! The light was way too far in for it to have turned around *that* quickly and PLUS there would have been NOWHERE *for* it to turn around *at* The road was WAY too narrow. And it just disappeared out of nowhere! So we busted our way out of there and told all of our friends about it. We wanted to schedule a time to come back later to re-check things out b/c we wanted to see if the same thing would happen or if it was just someone screwing with us. Plus, me being a photographer, wanted some pictures (Yay for orbs)~! So yeah, we figured we'd go again the next weekend when it was light out, just *beginning* to get dark and we'd bring a lot of people. So... August 27th rolls around and we gather up 7 people in this little ass SUV and head out there. We got there when it was light and took some pictures and realized that it may be a good idea to get some bug spray b/c the mosquitoes were really bad. So... we left, drove to a nearby gas station, paid like $6 for a freaking bottle of spray, got some food, drove back (note: By the time we got back it was getting pretty dark) and began walking in the woods. This time we had managed to cross over the 1st bridge. I wasn't really creeped out at this time b/c for one, I was with a whole group of people, and for two, I hadn't heard any noises yet. The only thing I was creeped out about was our car and the possibility of someone being *behind* us. So yeah, I kept looking back as we walked. Nonetheless, we got to the end of the path where the cement blockage was and were unsure of where to go. We wanted to go to the 2nd bridge but didn't know which direction it was. So... we took a gamble, and went left (I later found out this was the way to the old camper). We never made it to the camper b/c before we had gotten there we heard gun shots all over the place. I mean, it was BAD... and they would NOT stop. And they kept getting WORSE... and LOUDER and LOUDER... BTW, when we first arrived when it was light I actually *saw* gun casings on the ground by the bridge (I took some home to put in an art colleage, lol). So yeah, at this point we are FREAKING OUT. BTW, one of my daredevil friends (Jessi) decided to be crazy and continue down the path (towards the camper). The rest of us were trying to convince her to go back with us b/c it was EXTREMELY dangerous. We seriously thought people were shooting at us, or at least coming for us. So Jessi (and her boyfriend) kept walking the other way and we eventually just gave up and headed back towards the car and let them do their own thing b/c the shots were getting more prevalent. Eventually they gave up and ran to catch up with us. So we all started running back and after about a minute decided that was a bad idea b/c we couldn't *hear* anything with our feet stomping so loudly. So... we fast paced back. BTW, some of my friends were idiots and decided to wear SANDLES and high heals... yeah, NOT smart. Anywho, so we're walking back and not ONLY are gun shots still roaring but we then hear the DOG barks (like the last time) and there were NO dogs around what-so-ever! You have to understand, this place is out in the middle of NOWHERE. There are no houses, no cars, no people, NOTHING around for miles. So yeah, we finally get to the bridge and I nuts YOU NOT, that LIGHT came on again! Down the path it was headed! That HUGEASS spotlight that we saw the 1st time! So at this point we are really freaking out. Fortunately we get in the car and tail our asses out of there. Now just *tonight* (November 30th) I decided to go back *again* with some more friends (Amanda and boyfriend Ross, Sarah, my ex, and I). This time we were there for no more than literally 3 minutes before hearing dog barks and enormous growls and a TAPPING noise on metal coming beneath the bridge. Yeah, I had NEVER heard the tapping before, and the dog howls were closer than EVER. So this time we darted our way out of there in NO time. BTW, the noises that we heard were when we were standing on the 1st bridge. Amanda was getting ready to look over the guardrail to see if she could see anything in the stream and before she could even get a chance to do that was when we heard the sounds. Yeah... I truly do believe with all my heart that that place is HAUNTED, and I advise ANYONE who decides to go out there to 1. Turn your car around so it's in the position to TAKE OFF, 2. Take a BIG group of people with you (Note: Only 1 car can fit in the area) and 3. Bring lots of flashlights and be careful you do not lock your keys in your car! If anyone has any questions they can email me at: I also know of many *other* places that are haunted, too :) But yeah... be CAREFUL!

Another Investigation At Dogface Bridge

Well me and 4 of my friends decided we would try out this myth, so we went to dogface bridge. Well the first night we went took us about an hour and a half to get there. When we got only I (Tyler) went on the bridge. It was me and 3 girls. We were all walking around the bridge. While i was looking for something to defend myself with while walking on the bridge, the girls heard something odd in the bushes next to me. They just left me on that side of the car and didn't tell me something was there. They described it as something big walking in the bushes about 1 foot away. The girls said the foot steps were heavy as if a big animal or a heavy person. Well after that the girls wanted to leave, so we did. That night only i went on the bridge, I went up past the road block Then we left.

On the second night we returned with weapons, sword and a baseball bat. There was a another group of kids there, i would describe them as kind of preppy. Well Only the boys came with us from that group. So all and all it was me (Tyler), my girl friend, and those 3 boys. We went past the first bridge and nothing happened. Yes there is a long trail leading from the first bridge and where the second bridge is. Also there is a trail leading to that cabin place, but we didn't take it. So we get to the second bridge was, and still nothing. Yeah there was car parts and everything there. The parts were old and new. Looked like people were using it as a dump. There is a lot of little kid shoes around there. We were there the November 12, 2005. The only thing that was creepy was walking through woods with the wind blowing hard.

After we got to the second bridge. We took so many pictures. Since we saw nothing happening we left. Apparently my girlfriend and the girls went there during the day to look around. They said there are a lot of shoes there. My girlfriend tried to walk to where the cabin place is but her friends wouldn't let her. So yeah the trip there was a bust, but over all it was fun.

Here's the pictures that were taken: