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Batson Cemetery

The Story: on State Road 3 off of Willow road is the old Batson cemetery, no one has been buried there since like the late 1960s , there is thirteen unmarked graves. As you count them there is thirteen and supposedly if you turn to count them backwards one grave vanishes. No one knows who is buried there. Some believe it is remnants of an old limestone walkway, The walkway can be proven with pictures at Huntington library taken of the cemetery in the early 1930's. Also it has a glowing grave, at night when you drive by you can see one particular grave glowing at night. Some people have also witnessed an old ragged looking man who is supposed to be the caretaker of the cemetery. He is believed to be the caretaker of a blind school not some 100 ft from the cemetery that was tore down in past years do to deterioration. He would supposedly watch over the cemetery at night after the children were asleep. UPDATE: The cemetery is under surveillance due to numerous complaints of vandalism and destruction, you will be escorted off the property and possibly arrested. TRESPASS AT YOUR OWN RISK

Location: Warren, Indiana

We decided to visit the Willow Road Batson Cemetery. Now granted we had very vague directions, but it took us probably 2 hours to find it. It was around 1am when we arrived. So we finally found it and parked the car and turned off the lights. We used a flashlight to find the 13 graves. We also had my digital camera and voice recorder. We stood together and counted the graves. Going up we counted 13 just like the website said, so we turned around to count them back down making sure we counted the one we were on. On the way down we only counted 12. So as to prove that it was just a coincidence we counted going up 13 again. so we counted them going down again and got 11. so I don't think it is necessarily a disappearing grave stone as so much as they are hard to see and are grown over with moss and grass. I did take several pictures and there are orbs in 2 of them.  At first look the pictures just looked black (my camera doesn't like night pictures) but when the brightness level is adjusted you can see many orbs. (ps. there was no rain, fog, ect) Also as a side note....we went back about a week later during the day just to see what it really looked like and had heard about the remnants of a house back in the woods. We didn't notice anything then and walked about a trail for a bit and couldn't find the house, but did noticed that there was a lot of infant, children and young adults buried here. and most were buried in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

On July 3, 2005  we went back to Batson Cemetery on Willow road.  This time we took my husband who is a hard-core believer and a very nervous person.  First thing Lena and I noticed was that it was darker this time than it was last.  I mean last night it was pitch dark....can't see a hard in front of your face so we took a flashlight.  It was pretty close to midnight when we got there.  And the first thing we did was count the graves again.  We counted 13 going up and 12 coming down.  And then counted again and got 13 going up and 13 coming down.  Having seen the graveyard during the day we knew where there were a row of infants buried (apparently the same family) within a few years of each other.  We went by those and took some pictures. We took a lot of pictures this time.  We heard a lot of branches breaking and things that sounded like footsteps right behind us.  But that could be attributed to animals in the woods.  Again we didn't venture far from the entrance and didn't stay very long, but got some good photos.  The first ones we took here had only faint orbs....this time was much different.  The first one labeled Lena and Boudi you can see the orange/red light to Lena's left.  I saw it in the preview window after I took the picture so I told them not to move (didn't say anything about the light) and tried to figure out where the light came from.....but couldn't see it with my I took another picture (Lena and Boudi2).  the light appears to be in the same spot....but again I couldn't see anything with my eyes.  so I told them to move and I didn't move the camera at all and took another picture....and the light was gone.  There is also a light about a gravestone in one picture (we were on our way out and I heard something so turned around and snapped a picture in that direction.). We had had enough and left and went home.  This is definitely a very active graveyard....and I think the woods would be interesting but we can never seem to make it that far.

Here's the pictures that were taken: