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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

The Story: There are numerous stories about Bachelor's Grove.  Here's a list of all that we could find:

The White Lady
(Mrs. Rogers or The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove):
The lady dressed in white is known to walk the grounds of the cemetery during a full moon. The deceased woman rumored to be the White Lady is buried in the cemetery beside her son and can sometimes be seen holding a baby in her arms.

The Phantom Farmhouse:
Not all ghosts are confined to the cemetery, and not all ghost are people. On the path leading to the cemetery, a picturesque white farmhouse appears and then quickly disappears. Most reports of this phenomenon happened around the 1950s.

The Farmer and his Horse:
In the 1870's a farmer plowing the land near the cemetery got too close to the famous lagoon, proving to be a fatal mistake. The horse fell into the water first, pulling the plow and farmer in with him. Almost 100 years later, two forest rangers reported seeing the same farmer still plowing his land by the lagoon.

The Two-Headed Ghost:
No substantial information can be found on this strange apparition. The sinister background of the famous lagoon is known for making this ghost; the reason for its two heads is open to interpretation.

Lights and Orbs:
This site has common sightings of blue colored lights and orbs that fly about the cemetery. Some other accounts talk of reds comet-like lights flying over the graves.

Ghost Cars:
Drivers passing through on the turnpike outside of the gravel path will come up to a sharp curve in the road. When coming around the curve, they collide with what seems to be a vintage 1940's gangster car. What they learn after the first shock has past is that there is no damage, no pain, and no other car.

The Woman sitting on the Grave:
One of the most famous sights is the woman sitting on a gravestone. What makes this account so famous is that it was caught on camera and featured in the Chicago Sun-Times. A very real picture shows the transparent image of a woman sitting comfortably and staring away from the camera out into the woods.

Location:  On 143rd Street in between Ridgeland Ave and Central Ave in Midlothian, Illinois.

A week ago some friends and I went to see about bachelors grove we didn't take any pictures or anything. But we went to look around the cemetery stayed for 30min I think it was we were hearing pounding noises while we were on the path. And no reception on our cell phone (scary) Then we entered the cemetery looked around then at the first tree to the left we were hearing noises in the bushes I got a real bad feeling so I told every one lets go so they agreed. So we left as we were walking back down the path I was the last in the back I turned around and seen a man and a women in white with a dog so we got scared and started running so I looked back and then they were gone. so we continue to the car we crossed the street we waited to see if someone come out of the cemetery we waited about 45min and no one. That scared the crap out of me but we plan to go back there with a camera on day when we get the nerve. A bunch of grown ass people running scared hahahahah!!!! :)