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100 Step Cemetery

The Story: At midnight, if you walk up the stairs on the grassy side of the cemetery, there are graves dating back to the 1860s all around. On one's way up you count the steps. When you reach the top, you must turn toward the open field and the ghost of the cemetery's first undertaker will appear. Without saying anything he will reveal the climbers own death to them in a vision. The hiker MUST proceed down the steps, counting them again. If they do not get the same number as they counted before then they will die the way they saw but if they do the vision was wrong. If anyone dares to try to reach the top or level ground by not using the steps, they will be pushed to the ground by a phantom hand which will leave a red imprint on the persons back for several days so those who see it can see the mark of the Devil.

Location: Just off 675 W north of Brazil, IN

A few friends and I went to 100 steps cemetery in Brazil last summer. It was about 11:45 when we arrived. We had a video camera the entire time, and when we got home and watched the video we saw something walking behind the bushes across the road when we pulled up. It looked like it may have been a person just trying to mess with us, but we're not sure. We waited until midnight and started up the steps, all counting to ourselves. We also counted about 58 steps. When we got to the top we were about ready to turn around when we heard a chainsaw. We looked and a guy was coming towards us from the back of the cemetery with a chainsaw. Most of my friends went running down the hill, but I stayed near the top with the camera for a while. He slowly made his way towards me and I ended up going down. We decided to head back up again a few minutes later, and again he came out after us. We went up a third time, but nobody was there. However, three old cars came driving around the corner, so we jumped in our car and took off. We think they were trying to block us in. Once we got back to my house, my 2 friends that had ran down the hill and not the steps both had fallen and had cuts on their right buttcheeks. It was a little weird, but probably just coincidence. We have also gone to spook light hill numerous times and old mill dam, but have never seen anything. There is also a house of Fruitridge avenue in Terre Haute that is supposed to be on an old Indian burial ground. My friends brother went there on halloween and went up to the porch. Right before they went in they saw a huge flash of light streak in front of them. They said it was the most scared they have ever been. We went back last summer, but saw nothing.

Another Investigation At 100 Step Cemetery

The first time we went out there my two guy friends and myself decided to try it out and walk up the hill. we did all the stuff that you're supposed to do in order to see the grave keeper, but no visions of our death occurred. however when returning to the car, the girl that had decided to stay in the car (Angela) was in some sort of shock. she had told us that she saw the ghost of a woman sitting on her grave stone, and couldn't believe that we hadn't see her.  on my second trip to 100 steps i decided to investigate the grave stone that she saw the woman sitting on. the names on the stones were as follows:

mother father
Rosella M. Smith Frank R. Smith
march 10th, 1907-1949 oct 30th, 1898-1962

and a small circular grave in front of those two. now this confused me b/c there was no head stone but there were flowers and rocks surrounding this small circular grave, which lead me to believe that it might have been the grave of an unborn child or still birth child, but a child none the less.

while snapping some pics to document the names and dates, i heard what sounded like someone walking towards me in the woods, so we decided to leave in a big hurry. now Angela was not with me on this visit nor did i tell her any of this information (that's important for you to remember for what I'm about to tell you).

I visited 100step for the third time on march 9, 05 approximately 3:00am. Angela was with me for this third trip along with my friends mike and Dan. ok, so the three of us (the guys) get out of the car again to go up and do some investigating (unfortunate I didn't have my digital camera on this trip) anyway we walk up to the top of the hill and walk around. nothing in happens until I made the comment "I want to go check out the grave where Angela saw the woman" almost exactly after i finished that sentence, the flashlight that I was carrying went out. then I turn it back on and walk over to the grave. I look around and check the names and dates again to see if anything would happen. as I started to walk away from the grave, Dan (who was standing about 20 feet to my right) tells me to come over to him, he shows me a dark figure of a man standing at the top of the hill. in the mean time my friend mike is looking around saying, "what? I don't see anything" then the man turns around and walks away. at this point we decide to leave. and again when we return to the car my friend Angela is in tears.

I asked her, "did you see her again?" she replied, "yes, she is lonely she came down from behind her stone and came about half way down to the car." Angela precedes to tell me what the woman looks like and that she is very sad b/c she is alone. then she turns to me and asks, "where is her baby?" I asked, "what baby?" Angela says, "her baby, she wants to know where its at" now remember, I didn't tell Angela that the stones said mother and father, nor did i tell her about the small circle below the the woman's grave. this really got me thinking and I plan on going out the clay county and doing some research. I want to go through newspaper obituaries from that year and see if i can learn anything about this woman or how she died. Angela told me that she didn't die "right" as she put it, like it wasn't supposed to happen.

(I have sharpened and did some color contrasting on the
pics to make them more visible)

1)pic taken from base of 100steps with orbs
2)another pic from bottom of 100steps
3)pic of the rosella and franks grave (the white image hovering over the two graves is a hanging pot with flowers in it, not a ghost)

Thanks to Mark for this investigation.