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Wolf Mansion

The Story: As the story goes. back in the day, the owner killed all of his slaves, even their children after slavery was made illegal. Some have even said he went crazy and killed his family, dismembered the bodies, hide them and then shot himself. Sometimes you can see the light in the bell tower come on for no reason and there is no switch for it. People have been seen in the windows when the house was not occupied. Orbs have been spotted. One person who did an install at the house claims that when in the basement they felt breathing down their neck and that something brushed against their hair. When coming back up the stairs, something was passing along their heels. Reports of doors opening and closing by themselves and things missing and showing back up .Hauntings include ring of the bell in the bell tower (there is no bell anymore) monks walking around, and screams.  Another story is that supposedly, a woman was murdered on the grounds outside the home on her birthday and only on her birthday each year (Believed to be in early April) will you see her ghost roaming the grounds carrying a lantern in her hands.

Location: Wolf Rd. and 700 N in Portage, Indiana

Directions: From Hwy 149 turn west onto 700 N.  Go about 2 miles and you will come to Wolf Rd. at a four way stop.  The mansion will be on the Northwest corner of the intersection.

We stopped at Wolf Mansion on March 6, 2005.  It was about 9:40 at night.  When we first found the mansion we noticed that both of the house's driveways where blocked off with a chain.  So we stopped the car in the street and looked at the mansion.  We noticed that in one of the driveways was a fairly new car and we also noticed that one of the upstairs lights was on.  We observed other things too such as a sign saying they had an ADT security system and a garbage can sitting out in front of the garage.  So we figured that someone must be living in there.  We tried to take a picture from the street, but we were too far away.  So we decided that since we couldn't park in their driveway we would go down the street a little bit to a church that's right next to the house.  We parked in the church's parking lot and walked on over.  We walked into their yard to try and get a better look and a better picture.  By this time we figured that as long as we are this close to the house and we are already in their yard we might as well knock on the door.  We figured maybe they would be nice enough to answer a few questions about the house and it's past, or maybe even show us around the house.  So we went up to the door in the picture and rang the doorbell.  We waited about 30 seconds and no one answered the door, so we rang the doorbell again.  We waited about another 30 seconds before we decided that they weren't going to answer the door.  Before we left we took a picture of the house.  You can see in the picture that the upstairs light was on. 

A picture of the house.  We are still left wondering if someone does live there.


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