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Union St. Cemetery

The Story: There isn't really a story to this cemetery. We heard about how it dated back to the early and middle 1800's and it sounded like a great place to go check out.

Location: 402 E. Union St. in Valparaiso, Indiana

Directions: You can take Route 30 and turn North on Washington St. follow that until you come to Brown St.. Turn East on Brown St. go about 3 blocks or so until you see Morgan Blvd. Turn South on Morgan and go a block and you will see Union St. Turn East on Union St. and go about a block and you will see the cemetery on the South side of the street.

We made our visit to Union St. Cemetery on December 30, 2002. When we heard about this cemetery it sounded like a great place. A cemetery that been in Valpo for over 150 years. We also had heard that it is located in the bad part of Valpo, that made us laugh, a bad part of Valpo come on its Valpo not Gary. Well it was true, when we found we could hear music blasting out of a house along with yelling and screaming and people out walking at 11:00 at night. We walked up to cemetery and that's as far as we got, up to it. Standing in our way was a 6 foot tall fence with plenty of barb wire on the top of the fence. We had heard that there was a fence, but we were not told that its easier to break out of prison than get into this cemetery. So as we stood looking through the fence we took some pictures and got out of there. The pictures didn't show up anything and it's hard to tell wether or not this place is haunted since you can't go in it. As far as we are concerned its not worth going to.