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True Ghost Stories Page 2

If you have a true ghost story, something that has happened to you or someone you know, we will be glad to add it to our list. If you have any pictures that go with your story or just pictures of orbs, mists, vortexes, etc. we will be glad to post them. Just e-mail them to us. 

Haunted House in Charlestown

My husband and I lived in a haunted house in Charlestown from 1994-1996. Since then, I've tried to contact the current owners, to see how they are doing, and I've never gotten a response.

The address is 141 E. Market Street (Hwy 3) It is a large blue/gray brick house, the first house on the left as you enter Charlestown off of highway 62, sharing an alley with Swifty gas station.

There were so many things that happened in that house. It's something I've never told many people about, besides family and a few close friends. They are all Christians, and don't believe in such things. Frankly, it's a little embarrassing. I'd considered contacting a paranormal investigator about them, but we decided to sell instead.

After having many strange things happen there, I did some investigating on my own at the local library, etc. The house was built by a civil war captain in app. 1870, his name was Isaac Haymaker. From my old deed, I learned that all the families that lived there for any length of time, are all buried in Charlestown cemetery, very close to each other, although they were not related. At least 3 people are have known to have died in the house (none violently that I know of, just previous owners). 2 of their funerals were held in the house, one was for the original owner's wife.

During the 1940's, there was a massive trailer park that sprung up surrounding the grounds, used to house the workers for the ammunition plant. I know that there was also at least one fire at the house. After we had moved in and noticed things, I had asked a neighbor about the house, all she knew is that since the 1970's, no one ever stayed there for very long. When we bought it, we put about $40,000 dollars into remodeling it, but still left within 2 years, it was just too creepy.

We always tried to find a "scientific" or logical explanation as to what was causing things to happen, but most could not be explained away.  Here's a small sampling of some of the incidents which occurred.

When we first moved in, for about 2 months, there was the sound of a glass dropping on the hardwood floor upstairs, then it would roll across the floor, and smash into a wall. Even our cats would hear it, their tails would get fat. We'd go upstairs and there was nothing. (by the way, our cats avoided that room always). This is a room that gave me chills the first time I went in it, I never like dit either.

Also, about the first 2-3 months, every night at 8:30, we would hear a loud popping/banging noise on the dining room floor....cats heard it too, nothing was there. After that it never happened again.

Chandelliers would spin, and the lights would blink on and off. This happened frequently. I always wanted to attribute the electrical incidents to old wiring. But some of the house had new wiring.

The cable would go off and on, the channels would change (I had called a neighbor, it was just our house).

The doorbell would ring a LOT and no one was there.

Once I heard footsteps on the stairs and someone calling my name, no one was there.

One night, the front porch swing banged into the front of the house, we got up, went outside, it was rocking wildly back and forth, banging into the house (which was almost 3 foot if someone had just jumped off)...there was no one there, and no wind (was looking at our sensitive wind chimes...they were quiet).
The second we laid back down, it did it again....this happened 3 times.....there was NO ONE there, it was about 2 in the morning. There was a fence on that side of the house, and it was surrounded by a storage facility....there is NO WAY a person could have done that. It was right in front of our bedroom window, we would have been able to see anyone.

One night I had been cleaning and doing laundry, and I put a can of cleanser back into a metal storage cabinet on our enclosed porch. It's the type of cabinet that you can turn the handle and "lock" into place. I did this. I went into the other room, and a few seconds later, I heard a scuffling noise and a bang. I went back into the room, and the can of cleanser had come our of the cabinet, and rolled all the way across the room, hitting the opposite wall (and making a mess). No one was there. No Scientific explanation would suffice on this one....there's just no way. I had put it several inches back on the shelf, and "locked" the cabinet door.

In our bedroom, we had an old fireplace that was closed. I had several porcelain antiques on the mantel (which was about 10 inches deep). I kept the figurines all the way up against the wall, to protect them, keep them from falling. Almost everyday, when we came home from work, they would be pushed to the very other edge of the mantel, almost ready to fall. I had a theory, but it didn't pan out. It wasn't the cats, we kept them out of that bedroom. But there used to be a train nearby, so I thought that maybe the train rattled the house and caused it. I watched several times while a train passed by, and it never happened. Only after we had both been out of the house. No one else had the keys to our house, by the way.

Once I went outside to shake out a rug at the back door, and heard an old man say something right in my ear. I was too stunned to understand WHAT was said.

One night, my husband and I were laying in bed, looking out the back window of our bedroom (that overlooked the patio). As we were laying there talking, we saw what seemed like someone sit in one of our lawn chairs (the back was facing us). We saw an "invisible" person, sit in the chair. The back of the chair was pushed out, as was the bottom, then the chair moved as if someone had stood up, and it rocked a bit. There was no wind, again. The next day we did a test. The weave in the chair was very tight. We tried pushing it with our hands, and couldn't get it to make the same shape. Only after sitting in it, did it faintly resemble what could have "sat" in it. Whatever it was, must have been heavy.

Only once, near the kitchen door, we heard a loud and long screeching noise, like someone moaning in pain. It scared us a LOT. I thought maybe it was the old screen door slowly closing, but I was never able to duplicate the sound.

Once I was sitting on the couch, with my back to the window. We had window shades, with a bamboo curtain in front of them. The shade, rolled up. I looked behind me....oh sheesh I hate this part. I looked, and it went back down again, then up, then OUT into the room about 2 foot (sending the bamboo flying), then flew up all the way, loudly snapping. I never sat there again. We had storm windows, it was a beautiful day. I know shades can roll up unexpectedly.....but this went up, down, up, OUT, then up again.

Ok, there were many other "little" things that happened that I probably discounted. People have asked me "how could you stay 2 years?"....besides the first couple of incidents, most things happened a few days or weeks apart, so you'd go on with life, get complaicant and kind of forget. I'd never lived in a haunted house before, and was kind of a tough sell. But then something happened that convinced me all was not well, and it happened twice. Shortly after this we sold the house. We had no trouble selling it, we had completely remodeled it, and sold it for more than a fair price just to get out. goes, this happened twice.

I was at home, running the vacuum cleaner, when I heard the phone ring. I turned it off to answer the phone. I heard a strange "music" coming from the answering machine. It was kind of electronic. I picked up the phone and it kept going. I hung up, but it was still playing on the answering machine, I turned the answering machine off, it kept playing, I took the tape out, it still kept going, I unplugged it, you guessed it, it still kept playing.....I yanked the phone line out....and it STILL kept going for about 30 seconds more. This freaked me WAY OUT. About two weeks later, it happened again, but stopped after I unplugged the machine (still, I had already turned it off..again).

I don't know if this house was what someone would call haunted, but I can't imagine what else could have caused all the abnormal things that happened there. I'd still love for someone to invstigate.  We've never had things like that happen to us before or since. Thank God we never saw a person's face.....or that would have traumatized us for sure. I am now a skeptical believer in "hauntings", though. 


Haunted House in Loogootee, Indiana

There's a house in Loogootee, Indiana (Martin County, more towards Jasper, out in the country part), which is my aunts house, and it is haunted. I lived there with her for about a year and a half with my mom and my aunt would always tell me and my mom that her house was haunted and we never believed her. But one night my mom went to the restroom and something pushed her against the wall. A couple of weeks later, my aunt and my mom took pictures of the house. They seen pictures with images of people. The pictures weren't very clear but you could still make out the people. One was a little girl holding a doll in the hallway, and one was an army man that stood in front of the doorway in the room i slept can just say I slept in the living room along with my mom after that. Supposedly only the back of the house is haunted because an old cabin use to be where the back of the house sits now and it was way back in the day. My aunt says her and her husband wake up at night and smell wood burning, or sometimes a baby will cry and, they have no children. Recently she voice recorded herself asking questions with everything in the house turned off(radios, TV, etc.), and she said she asked questions like "Who are you?", and she played it back and could hear a harp when she would ask those questions, she looked on the internet and found that ghosts often talk in musical form. She's also had times when she would wake up and someone would pull the covers off of her. Recently she went to look at some of those old pictures and half of them were deleted off of her disk and she doesn't know how that happened. When my mom and I lived there my mom said that there was an old clock that never worked before and one day she seen that it was working so she asked my aunt if she fixed it and my aunt said no...they went back to look at the clock and it was broken again. I don't know about all of this but its really freaky and I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

Haunted House in Evansville, Indiana

My grandma was telling me that when I was a baby my mom heard me crying and she opened the door and she saw this old lady patting my bottom.  My grandma also told me that there is a tunnel in the basement and chains on the walls because it was a slave house.  When I was 6 years old I was going to that bathroom and I saw an eye ball rolling on the bath room floor.

The ghost in the Paddoc

Where I live is in Australia at a ghettoish sort of place known as koonawarra which means aborigional burial ground.  I was sleeping over my mates and I woke up to hear his screeching.  I said what is the matter and he said look out of the damn window that's my problem.  A ghost was walking in the paddoc over the road, but the ghost just kept walking in the same pattern over and over again when it finally disappeared we went to bed.   The next day we talked to my friends mother and she said she sees it all the time.

Haunted House

This is an old house nearly 30 years old .. we have notice lots of point which shows that there is something wrong in this house.. my brother was around 5 years old .he never entered his room alone he never slept there till he was 16 years old .. he would talk with himself but looking at corner of the room .. and sometimes he would cry .. i asked him why do you cry ! he said he says there is no food for me tonight .. we never understand who is this HE ..when i was 18 it started for me .. one day he would drop the books out of the library and one day moving the stuff.. i always though it has accidentally happened day i called somebody who could help me .. he was saying that its devil ,avoid making contact with him .. even if you see him cool down and don't pay attention .he likes you .. and suddenly we were out of power and my wireless phone didn't work ..i was alone and shocked .. i saw something black and cold .. I tried to run out of the room .. it was locked .. i sat there and kept watching .. i could see in moonlight some shadows and suddenly every thing went normal and my mother entered the house !!! so i got married and i live separately .. when ever we go there i feel he is watching me ..

Haunted House in Seymour, Indiana

I used to live in a haunted house. It was in Seymour, IN. The address is 191 W. Harrison Dr. Anyways, a lot of unexplainable things happened in that house. To start out, a young boy who lived there died. In loving memory of Richard,( the boy who died) his parents planted a rose bush in the back yard. My dad didn't like it so he tried to dig it out. Every time he did, it would just grow back. He couldn't get rid of it! But one day, my dad finally got rid of it, and it didn't grow back. That's when the weird stuff started happening. Bathtubs would undrain themselves before someone got in them, and once, my mom laid my clothes out on my bed(perfectly). When she came back, they were all messed up! Also, TV's would come on. Another time, a square picture behind the couch fell down, and somehow rolled across the room in front of the TV! Impossible for a squared picture!!! Sometimes in the night, there would be loud noises, as if something huge had crashed down, but in the morning, everything would be where it was earlier. One night, when my mom was out getting tonic water at the grocery store, ( i was all alone) and I was lying in bed. Suddenly, the faint noise of music came to my ears, and I realized my drums were being played. But I was the only one in the house!!! Spooky!!!!!! After my mom and dad got divorced, and my dad moved out, the weird things kind of stopped. I think the ghost was just after my dad! But the stranger thing is, even though all these unexplainable things happened, we never saw anything. Perhaps it was a poltergeist? I'll never know! 

Kokomo-Old Jacobs funeral home

One time when I was in about seventh grade, my aunt took my sister, me, and her three kids to the library across the street. on the way out, my sister and I ran to the car to race. while we were still waiting on my aunt to get her kids and the books I heard a women screaming inside the building. At first I didn't know what It was, and I was looking around when I heard it again. I realized it was coming from somewhere upstairs in the building. I told my sister I thought it was some kind of Satan church and they were probably killing someone, I believed that for the longest time, although my sister thought I was just trying to scare her. It was so weird it was like someone was being murdered or something. Then later my cousin said that he saw a man in all black with red eyes standing on by the window that led up the stairs. I know that something I seriously wrong with that place, and I know that it is haunted.

Haunted House in Kokomo

There's a place in Kokomo Indiana its location is 3510 south lea drive its right behind marsh. I have lived there all my life until I moved in 2001. When I lived there the doors would open by themselves and there's a room by the kitchen and you would hear cups slamming down but when u turned around no one would be there. When your sleeping you would hear winds going through the house. My dog would bark for no reason. My mom actually seen the ghost She said she woke up hearing the front door opening thinking it was my older brother and she went to go look and she saw a tall man with a black coat on and a top hat. There where a lot more strange things going on in that house you would feel cold when it was 80 degrees out. My dad also said that he found a cold beer on the stove in the morning and no one left it out the following night and no one was even up to get one. Also the door would be open when you woke up but they would still be locked. And ever since we moved out there's been 5 or 6 families that have lived there and they moved out with in a week.

I saw it... It talked to me...

It was this one day when I was home alone. I was watching my favorite TV. show. While I lay on my bed dazed into the show suddenly the TV. cut off. I looked pass my room door to the hall as my first move to see a man. He looked very old and scared. I got scared right away.  I could see right through him. He moved closer and closer to me pointing up as if he were saying God sent him. Believe it or not...

Kokomo Ghost

My mother told me when she lived in Kokomo, Indiana. THEY read in the news paper 1929 that the house on east side was haunted by a beautiful woman.  It was a big write up in the newspaper that said men that could stay in this house one night could have it. National guards went in going to stay all night . They got bedded down at the foot of the winding stairs. They looked up the giant stair steps there they saw one of the most beautiful women they had ever seen. She motioned them to come to them . When they did it was like a great wind knocked them down the stair steps. They said we can not fight spirit and they left the house. My mother and her sister in law saw it when it was moved toward the west side of town with rollers pass my mother's house. They heard where it was and they wanted to go see it for there self. MY older brother was about six or seven . The doors was open so they went in.  He was in a room alone he said upstairs. Then he heard a sound like marbles rolling so he looked up.  HE SAID IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN HE HAD EVER SEEN. MOM AND AUNT MARY DIDN'T SEE HER. They looked and they got out fast from that house. They found out that a woman was killed on her wedding day there.

A Haunted House in Fort Wayne

Its at 1530 North Harrison, just like Amityville. we were punched bitten and clawed, blood and a brown syrup like stuff ran down the walls, puddles appeared of blood on the floor, pictures came to life, there was direct voice, they drug out every word, then it ended with a growling, they got on the TV and phone, the worse one was rabbit man, he possessed my son, and when possessed he levitated, and a huge dog would appear beside him, there was a rag doll, that kept appearing, and we burned her and tore her to pieces, and she kept coming back. there was a little girl named Mary that growled, my kids were terrified of her. rats would appear out of thin air, etc etc. we called Honz Hilzer for help, but he said he tried and couldn't get to us , they wouldn't let him. its a long story but you get the idea, its 1530 North Harrison, in Fort Wayne.

A Haunted House in Terre Haute

Well we have lived in our house almost 3 years now and I hear and see things occasionally. When I am home alone I hear footsteps upstairs (my room is in the basement) I will go and check out the rest of the house but I find nothing. About a year ago I had found out that one of the former owners had died of a heart attack in our driveway. Sometimes while in my room I see shadows moving around quickly, it really scares me! One time I was home alone and heard the footsteps like I had before. I just blew it off and continued my business. Then I heard a man's voice which didn't sound familiar. I ran to the bathroom locked the door and then I jumped in and shut the closet door. I called my grandfather and he rushed down to my house but found nothing. Another experience was when I was lying in my bed and I fell asleep, I woke up to find sharp pains shooting through my body and my back arched off of my bed. What I saw next I will never forget, It was a face above me It was dark and it looked pissed, then it was gone. I sat up and I was crying, the weird thing is I didn't even know I was until I went upstairs. One of my good friends says the face I saw was the source of evil and visit most witches (such as myself) and tries to scare us or tempts us to do bad with our powers.

A Haunted Grocery Store

I work at this grocery store, and at the time I was the night baker. One night I was by myself helping myself to some hot chocolate when I saw a four pack of Snapple fly off the shelf and break on the floor, that was not the only thing that happened there. I would say close to a year later, I was working a evening shift when I kept hearing my name being called, it was like someone was right there, and I would look up and no one was there. I thought it was just me, but I was talking to another fellow employee and she said that she kept hearing her name being called just I like I did. she was pretty freaked about it, I would have to say I was too, but I glad it just wasn't me! 

An Unexplainable Experience

I was at "Purple Head" with a few new acquaintances on the night of Thursday October 7, 2004. One the persons there was a "chaneler" named Keanon. He had a pendulum and was asking politely for some of the "spirits" to show themselves. After about 5 minutes or so of him chanting and asking 4 orbs appeared (2 white, one red, and one dark blue) with a figure of a girl. Keanon told us that one of the orbs was the spirit of an Native Medicine Man that was shot with his own arrow and not given the proper burial. The girl, he explained, had drown after her car somehow flipped off the bridge and landed top down. After the orbs and the girl appeared, Keanon told them that we meant no harm and that we come in peace. He chanted for a while longer with the pendulum swinging violently (he wasn't moving his hand or arm at all). The rest of the group that was down on the banks of the river were watching the pendulum. I got the kind of chills that someone was watching, so I turned around and the girl was about 10 feet away from me, towards the bridge. Keanon said that we should go ahead and get back to the car in case anything should start going wrong. As we were walking back to the cars, I felt something cold tap my shoulder. I turned around and the girl was less than 3 feet away with her finger over her mouth like she was telling me not to talk. That is when I started feeling a little scared. Keanon drove us up to the road in front of the bridge and I got out and got into the car that I had came to the bridge in. As we were driving back to the University some of the people in the car started recounting there encounters with the paranormal. I told them a story about how my great grandfather's spirit had came and touched me as I was sleeping 3 days after I had been born. (that was a week after he had died). After I finished the story, a shot of pain shot through the back of my head and went through to the front of my head. That is where I don't remember anything until we were already at the college and 4 people were holding hands in a circle around me and Keanon with his hand to my forehead, chanting. After that, I started hearing someone whisper my name and I also had a dream as if I was that girl. I can still see it vividly. Driving across the bridge, falling into the water, and not being able to breath.
I have no idea what happened to me last night and I am not sure that I actually want to know. I can say that I am a believer in the paranormal now and will never again doubt that there are spirits everywhere.

Ghost Face

A long time ago when I was younger, my younger brother, older sister, and me were in the backyard at night. We decided we would sleep in our tree house for
the first time. We each got our sleeping bags and pillows and went out to the tree. We were all in our sleeping bags ready for bed. All of a sudden I saw something and yelled and pointed to it. It was a white floating face under the tree. It was about 2 feet tall, way bigger than any normal face. The eyes and mouth weren't there kind of like a hockey mask. We all saw it and jumped out of the tree and ran for the house. Once we got in, we locked the doors and went into our room. We had all seen the same thing so we knew it wasn't fake. At my house, a lot of weird things happen and this is just one of them.

House With Ghosts

The house was once a duplex and is now divided into numerous apartments. While living there I had several eerie feelings like someone was watching me while I painted and did art work in my basement studio. On stating this to several of the other tenants we all agree that we had similar feelings. One night while painting and sculpting some work I was startled to see a child standing in the back of the basement, it seemed to be watching me then disappeared when I looked up. There were other occasions when I herd a child laughing and scuffling of feet or fabric, I had no idea what it was. As the tenants began sharing there stories we all found that there was a child and agreed that we had similar issues in this house.  While chatting with one of the other tenets one day she told me she wanted to show me something that she had found and was quite "WEIRDED" out by. Under the second story back porch/balcony is where the air-conditioning units were, She opened the lattice door that seals the area and there on the ground was a cement slab, that had been poured un-professionally with the name of a child and dates that I can not recall now. Not long after I was shown this we moved out for other reasons. I have not been back to the house since we moved BUT when I have passed the house there have been numerous people moving in and out for what reason I have no idea. The house is now abandon and in pretty bad shape.