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True Ghost Stories

If you have a true ghost story, something that has happened to you or someone you know, we will be glad to add it to our list. If you have any pictures that go with your story or just pictures of orbs, mists, vortexes, etc. we will be glad to post them. Just e-mail them to us. 
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Gateway Gardens in Kokomo, Indiana

At 800 East Hoffer Street in Kokomo Indiana there is an apartment complex. I lived in 3 different apartments on the "C" row. These were several years apart. The first time that I lived there I lived in C-1. I was 2 years old. My mom says that I used to have nightmares constantly. She would send my dad up to calm me because I would always say the same thing "The devil's going to get me", and it really scared her. She never could figure out where at the age of 2 I had heard the word "Devil". I couldn't have gotten it from television because I had always watched PBS, which primarily is nothing but a children's TV station. I moved out of there at the age of 3 and had no nightmares after the move. I moved back at the age of 18 to apartment C-11. Just one week went by when I started noticing really weird feelings around me. Another week went by when I started to see stuff out of the corner of my eye. I started to see more and more at a fast rate. I felt like I was always being watched. At the time I didn't know that my girlfriend had the same experiences until she said that she felt like someone was watching. That scared me. So I didn't mention anything that I had experienced to her yet. Eventually I started seeing legs walking on a regular basis. It was always legs walking. They were the most evil and scariest that I could ever comprehend. We laid in bed one night and I told her that I feel funny. She said that she does too and that it's like I'm being watched. I immediately told her that I feel the same. While we were talking, I had seen a "teardrop" fall from the ceiling. I told her that and she seen it too. We were so scared. I felt like I was being trapped by demons. I immediately told her that I always see legs walking and she rose out of bed so scared and so fast that I knew she had seen them too. We both darted out of the bedroom and ran downstairs to leave the apartment. We got to the door and tried to leave but the door kept locking itself. I tried to run to the other door completely thinking that I was going to die at that time. I got halfway through the room when she got the door open. Although we ran a block then walked another we already talked about and agreed that we are going to her mom's and never going to sleep there again. The phone that we were going to was 2 blocks away but we both felt the presence around us still. We were dodging cars that seemed like were after us to kill but were actually driving normal. We got to the phone but it didn't work. We decided to go into the store where the pay-phone was at so we can try to calm down. We left the store a lot more calm than when we got there. We preceded to go to her mom's house on foot. But the presence was still with us. When I decided I needed her to tell me if she notices or not, I mentioned to her that every streetlight we go under quits working. She said that she was going to say the same thing. Time went on and we eventually told a friend about what happened. To our surprise she said that her friend has had problems living out there. She mentioned that her newborn can be upstairs in the crib and appear downstairs on the couch. Also that she has seen and heard things there. (But I'm not sure what kind of things she seen and heard.) Our friend told us that her friend has also done research on Gateway and discovered that it in fact is build on a graveyard. The bodies were supposedly removed. The third time that I had lived there I was 21 years old. This time in apartment C-13. My visual effects were never that deadly but the feelings were there. Like I was being watched and hunted. I never brought it up while I lived there that time and didn't want to now cause I'm in fear whenever I think about those demons or evil killing beings. I think that it's more than just the graveyard thing. THAT PLACE IS POSSESSED AND DANGEROUS!!! To this day I don't think about it cause I'm scared. I have been living in a quiet community for the past year far away from gateway gardens and still have a scar in my mind that won't go away. I am 22 years old now. Please warn people about living there. I went through mental hell writing to you. If I talk about them, it's like they know and I get chills every second of it. Even living far away from there.

Another Story from Gateway Gardens

I don't know if it was a ghost or not but I lived at Gateway Gardens from 1978 to 1980. I was pregnant when my husband and I went to live there. He was 1/2 Miami Indian and I had had supernatural things happen where he was concerned anyway. However, when my youngest son was born the summer of 1979 my husband and I were new in Christianity and had started going to church. My son was about 6 weeks old when one evening we were playing cards with some friends. Our bedroom was upstairs and that is where the babies crib was. The bathroom was also upstairs. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I looked in on the baby while upstairs. When I looked in the crib I seen this 6 week old baby with his back completely arched and off of the  bed. He was not making a sound! I grabbed him and held him and he was very stiff. I started crying and praying to God and cursing the devil and told the devil to let this baby go that he belonged to God. After a few minutes the baby relaxed and was ok. He never done anything like that again. Ever. Also in that apartment (F-16), I experienced my second episode of sleep paralysis. However, this one again involved the devil, or something that I perceived to be the devil. I have had 4 episodes of Sleep Paralysis in my life involving what seem to be very real experiences but no other one involved the devil. So I don't know if it was just an evil spirit that was in that apartment or what it was...scared the bejibies out of me for sure.

Another Story from Gateway Gardens

My family lived there when I was 7 years old.  I always had bad feelings when we lived there, like someone or something was watching me.  I would also feel cold spots occasionally.  My youngest brother was less than 1 year old when we lived there.  My mom had went upstairs to use the bathroom and to check on him.  She found him in his crib completely arched (his head and feet were touching the bed and the rest of him was in the air).  My mom told me many years later that there was a woman and her son who lived in the apartment and the son pushed his mother done the stairs and broke her neck.

Another Story from Gateway Gardens

I have lived in gateway for almost a year now and have experienced scary things that has happened while living there.  I have a two year old daughter and while we were sitting on the couch she was looking up the stairs and talking to something and she was telling it to come on lets go bye-bye. I asked my daughter what she was talking to and she told me that .That is all she called it was that. On a couple of occasions she would say mommy what's that and point upstairs. Then one day while my sister was visiting her daughter went upstairs to use the bathroom and she turned the light out when she finished and we stood at the end of the stairs to wait for her and while she was walking down the stairs we watched the light turn on by itself.
  My sister stayed with me and she slept in the bigger bedroom and at night before she fell asleep she said that her bed would start shaking. She figured it was one of her kids but she realized that every night that it happened her kids were sound asleep.
   Then on two different occasions we would be outside and we would go back home and my doors would be locked and I had my house keys inside on my entertainment center, and out in gateway you have to have your key to lock the doors.
    And in the morning around 8 or 9 my daughters toddler bed is upstairs and you can hear someone shaking it, and my bed is against my bedroom wall and it scoots out away from my wall and every time I go up there I push it back and ill go downstairs and when I go back up there it will be scooted out again.
    These things don't only happen at night time it happens during the day too. these stories you hear about gateway gardens is not lies I know from my own experience. I'm not the type to believe in ghosts or spirits but now I am truly a believer.

The Ghost of the Undead

I had a friend who told me that his mom would stand at the top of his steps and wouldn't let him out of the basement. He said that he sees her all the time haunting the house. The weird thing is that she's not dead. She could be in the next room asleep and he would see her ghost. He's starting to think it's a sign, that something bad is going to happen to her soon. But he said that he's tried talking to her to see why she's haunting him, and her lips would move as if she is telling him, but nothing would come out. One morning, when he saw his mom's spirit at like 3:00am, he asked her a question. When his mom got up that same morning....she answered his question as if it was her, but it wasn't because he ran into her room after he saw her ghost and she was there asleep. Its weird, but true.

Angry Spirits

I was approximately 15 years old when I was messing around with a few guys that was in witchcraft. I was really getting into it thinking it was cool. I came home one night after having a séance with the guys, and laid down in my bed. No sooner I closed my eyes I saw a vision of my head cut off and bobbing around on the shoreline of Middlefork Reservoir in Richmond, IN my home town. I raised up and looked at the clock, the minute hadn't even changed, then I felt the bed where I was laying go down as if someone had just sat at the foot of my bed. I looked, and there were three spirits, one on my bed, one at my the door, and the other by the window. I was trapped, no way out of the room. The one on my bed leaped at me, pushing me back on the bed. The one standing at my door, really scared me, it's eyes were black as death, and as it apparently breathed smoke came from it's nostrils. It didn't move, but it scared me more than the one that had me pinned. I couldn't get a clear look at the one at the window. But the really strange thing about all this what "it" said to me. I heard a voice from the one standing by the door, saying Don't bother the Dead unless I wanted to be among the dead. Then just like that they vanished. The odd thing is that I've always heard of cold spots, or the room getting really cold. It was late spring, I had an air conditioner in and it was on, but the room felt as if it was 100 degrees plus. What could make the difference in the temperatures?

The Stoog 
(A house that used to be a halfway house)

The old people told me that the doors would open when they can only be latched from the inside. They said they fixed that place up really nice and after they moved out the landlord called and was disappointed in them because when he went inside the house after they left the place was trashed, wallpaper peeled and chairs flipped total disaster. They had a man live with them one time and he said that while he was alone, he could here someone come in and walk around. They had big leather couches and when you sit on them you can here the air come out. Well one of those ghost thought they will sit down and that man heard that air come out and he looked over and there was a shape on the couch an impression where it looks like someone was sitting right on that spot but you couldn't see them. Now the last person who lived there was a cop and he called them and asked if anything happened to them they weren't going to tell him but he told his story. He says when he is alone he plays a record and it could be any 70's music and all of a sudden it would start playing 20's style music. I've never heard of anything like that before. So he asked if they wanted to come back and talk about things and they said NO WAY! but there 18 year old went, now she was only one year old when she moved away from that place. And they were talking and she asked him if he checked the room in the basement and he said there is no room in the basement but she gave specific directions and what they found was a doorway covered up so the cop moved two blocks and there was a room full of boxes. They did not open the boxes they covered the doorway and left it. There is no way that the girl new where that room was she was a 1 year old! But 3 weeks after that the cop moved out.

The Vanishing Light

One night, my mom and I were walking home from my grandma's house. My aunt was there and she was telling us about her old house that was haunted. Anyway, when we were walking home, my mom and I saw this really, really, bright light behind us. My mom and I were running home as fast as we could! After the light was gone we looked back and their was nothing there. We got in our house and the light came in our window!!! Then it disappeared!

The Walking Trails of Soldiers Memorial Park
Laporte, Indiana

I was with a couple of my friends on bikes going threw the woods. We came across this weird looking kid. He was really white and was wearing all white. He just stood there and looked at us. So we road off really fast and got to the walking bridge over the part of the water that connects Stone Lake and Pine Lake . Like 1 minute later that kid came from the other side of the bridge, which would have been impossible because we road like 2 miles from where we saw him and we did it really fast and he was just walking plus he came from the opposite direction so he would have had to swim to get to that side and he was completely dry. He said hi to us in a really soft voice. I asked him what his name was and he just smiled and started walking to a turn in the woods. We ran after him and he was gone. He disappeared and he wasn't far ahead at all. We started yelling for him but no one came to us. I later found out that a kid that was about 9 years old drowned in Stone Lake in 1930 right by the bridge.

A Haunted House in Kokomo, Indiana  
Carter Road and 400 East

I'll say, that house was creepy to just sit in the driveway, in the car. Two of my friends decided they would get out and look into the windows and walk around the house, basically check the place out. As soon as they walked past the window, on the first floor, to the right of the door, all of us saw something move out of the window. It made you have chills and goose bumps. Shortly after that they walked around to the side of the house and came running back telling us to leave now.

A Haunted House

I used to live in a stone house on N. 400 West. I moved there when I has about 4. We no longer live there. But there is so many things that went on in that house. when we first lived there, there was a lot that happened. My sister, "Hanna" reported seeing a hand reaching in her door and moving things on her dresser, one night a girl of about 15 in white walked into her room, sat on her bed and started to rub her leg, and early one morning she woke up and she could not move, her hand and legs were pinned down, she screamed, my mother and sister, "Rachelle" came and didn't believe that she was stuck so they just left the room and a minute later it let go. My brother "Ian" said that one night he got up for a drink, got one, went through the living room and saw our old rocking chair rocking by itself.  In the animal pens it will grow high with weeds in the summer, so he had to go and clear some of the weeds out, he got some of the weeds by the woods and he hear footsteps behind him so he turned around and there was nothing there so he turned back around and then a bush started to shake behind him, and on another occasion him and my other brother "Joe" woke to hear their door handle rattling. Their is a small furnace in the living room and my mother and father would take turns stoking the furnace once a night, my mother one night went down to put wood in it and out of the corner of her eye she saw the girl in white sitting on the stairs, she ignored it by just going about her business and when she was done it was gone( that is the only ghost she ever saw and she denies it now). When we first moved in I didn't have a bed to sleep in for one reason or another so I slept on a couch upstairs, at the time there was a door for the room in to the master bedroom, and at nights I would hear footsteps going from the bathroom, through the room I was in and into the master bedroom. After that nothing much happened for about 5-6 yrs when I was around 10 or 11. The only ones who witnessed them were me and my little sister "Lilly". We would go feed the chickens during the day and we would hear children in the woods, we would hear laughing, singing, crying and screaming, we would go into the woods looking for the kids that snuck onto our property and we would see no one but we would hear the footsteps, the weirdest thing that happens is the hammering at nights. We took turns locking the chicken coop so that no animal would get them and one night a sound of someone hammering would come from all around, at first we didn't mind, we just thought it was a neighbor working late on something, but it continued every night and it would freak us out, so us being young we would go run inside to mommy. She would come out and the sound was gone of course so she would go inside and as soon as she left it would start up again. When I was young I had a habit of waking up pretty early even on the weekends just when the sun would just start to come up.  One morning I woke up to see the girl in white floating a few feet off the floor in the corner of my bed room downstairs, so I just shoved my head under the covers until she was gone. The one last thing is that every time I went upstairs by myself I got this terrifying feeling and I would run down stairs as fast as possible, I never really got the feeling when I has downstairs, just up. The creepy thing is that the man that built our house died while building it, so that would explain the hammering. And my friend's Dad, who had lived there all his life, told my that the guy who built the house, got into trouble for using old broken tombstone on the house. I don't know if this is true, I never saw any engravings in the stone, but that might explain the children in the woods and the girl in white. Yep, those are the thing that happened when my family lived on North 400 West.

Part 2

The next place I moved to was a small town called Centerville , Indiana . It was a small little house, but nice and it was surrounded by trees. We only lived in that house for 1 yr. so not too much happened. Well, one of the first things that happened was when I has in the shower. I was just taking a shower, and I heard a bunch of noises, shaking and banging, it would stop, and then it would start again. I was like the heck is going on, so I finished washing up and I went out of the bathroom and asked, who was making all the noise and everyone was like, what are you talking about. I got a little suspicious and the next time I took a shower it happened again so I jumped out of the shower, waited and saw the closet door shaking and banging coming from inside the closet. I opened the closet thinking that the cat was stuck in there. I open it up, found not cat, but the closet was a complete mess. Things from in the closet was all over. I got dressed as fast as I ever did in my life and got out of there. After that I wouldn’t take showers at night anymore. One time my parents were going out for the day, so they left at about 8 in the morning and didn’t get back until 11:30 at night. So, it was just me and two of my sisters, "Lilly" and "Hanna." We decided to just have a movie day; we watched movies the whole day. From the living room you could see my parent’s room. The door was open and the lights was off the entire day cause they were gone. It was around 10 and it was just commercials on TV. So, we all took a break. I went to the bathroom, "Hanna" to the fridge and "Lilly" to change into PJs. I don’t take that long in the bathroom so I was the first one back and as I enter the living room I see that all the lights in my parents room had turned on all by themselves. My mother likes wind chimes and she had one hanging from her ceiling fan in her room. And one day we all hear this loud crash. My mother and me run into her room to check it out, to find that her wind chime had fallen off the ceiling fan. My mom doesn’t real believe in ghost so she says, o the stupid cat must have done it, and she then left. But I stayed to investigate. I searched the whole room and did not find the cat in that room. Then, I started to think, even if the cat did do it, it would be pretty hard for a cat to get that down, especially if the chime was tied to the pull chain of the ceiling fan. I was in my room one night, looking in the bookshelf at the end of my room. There was a small hand held fan on my dresser, on the other side of the room and it just turned on by itself. It took me a while but I slowly went over and turned it off. After that we had another incident with a fan. My mom, "Lilly" and me were sitting in the living room, watching TV, with a big box fan turned on, sitting on the floor. My mom said she felt chilly ( very strange because, everyone else was hot) so she told me to go turn off the fan. So, I went over there and turned it completely off and sat down, and few minutes later it just turned on high all by itself. We all just stared at the fan for a while, then I went over and turn it off and then unplugged it, just to make sure. My mother had no explanation for that one. One night I was sleeping and was woken up by a loud thumping noise, like someone was jumping on the floor. The sound just kept going and going and going, I tried to sleep, but I was too freaked out to sleep. At this time I shared had to share a room with “Lilly.” So, the sound stopped long enough for me to gain courage to get up and nudge “Lilly”. I asked her if she heard the thumping, she said no and went back to sleep. I got back into my bed, and tried to go back to sleep scared and then it started again. I got up, nudged “Lilly,” she woke up, and by that time it had stopped. I asked her again if she heard it, but no she didn’t. I was not going to be able to sleep in that room, so I got my blanket and pillow, built up enough courage (it took a while), and went out into the living room to sleep. The living room was just down the hall. I laid on the couch and tried to sleep. Then it started again, but it was not as loud because I was farther away from it. I tried as best as I could to ignore it and finally I fell asleep. The last thing to have happened that I can remember was at 11:30 at night. My mother, “Lilly” and me had come back from a long day at the county fair. My two brothers and my oldest sister, ”Rachelle” had come to visit. My whole family was there and we were all talking in the living room and the doorbell rang. So my brother, “Joe” and me opened the door. The door was right in the living room so it took us about 4 sec to be outside to find no one there. We turned on the outside light, looked under the porch, around the cars, and found no one and heard nothing. We came back inside, I was freaked out cause I knew what had happened, it was another ghostly visit, but my mother being the non-believer says the doorbell is probably low on batteries. I knew it wasn’t the batteries because I have heard the doorbell when it is low on batteries, it makes this nasty slow ring, WHEN it has been rung, it had never rang by itself before. Although I never saw the ghost face to face, I think one of the ghosts from my last house followed us . I think this because, one of my friends happened to live in that house before my family and he said he had not seen or heard anything weird when he lived there. It was pretty weird they all happened when I was around. No one else had a personal experience with them but me while we lived there. The only thing that I got was from “Hanna,” she said that she got a bad feeling, that something strange was there.

Part 3

Believe it or not I had a few ghost experiences at the next house I moved into. There was even less occurrences at that house, but those few were pretty big or at least one of them. The last place I lived in that was haunted was in Katy , Texas in a sub-division called Fountain View. I moved there when I was 12yrs old. The first year I lived there some things happened. My sister "Lilly" said that she heard someone banging on her walls of her room at night, items that hung would start to sway, like chandeliers, and some other little things. My mother was actually the one who reported the things swaying, I guess she had to admit that when I asked her if she noticed anything strange. She said that there was no draft to make it move, it would just start to swing for a little while and stop. Then a year later is when a few major things happened. Me and my friend, "Gram" were outside just walking around the sub-division talking at around 2 in the morning. We were just hanging out and I suggested that we go sit on the benches at the park across from my house, but "Gram" said that he had a bad feeling and didn’t want to. I said okay. Then a little while later I suggested it again and he said fine, I'll go. So, we headed up there. I was looking and talking to him as we walked; he was looking forward. We got half way there and "Gram" just took off running in the opposite direction. I turned to watch him run, saying, "Gram" what are you doing? I turned back around to see a short ghost wearing purple right beside the bench where we were going to sit. I ran across the street to where "Gram" was. We stood there trying to calm down, while trying not to look at the park. We both calmed down some, looked back at the park, and the ghost was gone. We didn’t want to be outside any longer, so we head for the back door of my house. We went though the gate, closed it, and entered into the backyard. Just before we reached the door, the gate began to shake furiously. This almost made us wet ourselves, being that we were scared to begin with. The back door opened faster than a speeding bullet and we were inside. Then a few weeks to a month later, I was getting ready to go to school. It was early; it was still dark outside. I was getting into the fridge to get some breakfast. Our refrigerator was directly beside the doorway into the kitchen. As I was looking in the fridge, I see an arm pass by the doorway out of the corner of my eye. I close the fridge. Me, thinking it was "Lilly," called for her. "Lilly" is that you?" No answer, and as I exited the kitchen, and into the hallway, I looked around and nothing was there. After that nothing else happened from then on; those were that last ghostly experiences that I had.

A Haunted House in Daleville, Indiana

I lived at 6400w CR550 south. My house was haunted by a little girl. My room was right by the attic where the little girl stayed most of the time. Sometimes at night I would wake up to the little girl switching and off my lights. She also like to put things on my floor. Many nights I would wake up to the sound of a little girl laughing or the attic door opening. Sometimes my dog, Pocco, would bark and wine from no reason and chase things that I could not see. My cat, Cali , would hiss and get mad some times and there would be no reason at all. One time I saw the little girl and she talked to me. She told me to get out of the house and to never come back after I left. Soon after that many things stared happening. The little girl started playing tricks on me brother and scaring him. Then she started to kill my animals. One morning I woke up and my Rabbit was dead and she had been in my room asleep all night and there was no way she could have died. I even took her to the Vet and there was nothing wrong with her. Soon after my cat died for no reason at all. After that I started to freak. I begged my parents to sell the house and move back to Muncie . And finally we did. Not only was the house that we lived in haunted but so was the road. The curve I lived on was Called Carole's Curve or better known as Dead Mans Curve. Many people have seen ghosts and spirits on this curve. Also many people have died on this curve. Not only was my house on that road, but the Witches Circle was also not far from my house. I have been there before with some friends and we saw and heard things that would freak most people out.

The Exorcist

One night I was at home alone when I was listening to a clip of the possessed girl's voice from the movie "The Exorcist" and all of a sudden a force came and knocked me back in my chair and I couldn't breathe, it felt like something threw me.  I was so scared.

A Haunted House in Howard County

From the time I was five, until I was eleven or twelve, we lived at 600 E, 500 N just N/E of Kokomo.  The house in which we lived, was built in the early part of the 20th century I suppose.  The family that lived there prior to us, was that of my brother in law.  His father and step mother lived there for some time before us, but I would not swear to just how long.  The shallow angle of the roof did not allow for an overhead attic so there were two low roofed attics off of the West and East sides of my older brothers' rooms upstairs.  One of these was unlocked, but the other had a pad lock on it,  and the landlord asked us to stay out of it as there were only private items in there.  At one point my oldest brother got very curious as to the contents of the room, and unhinged the door.  This had been done before, but nothing resulted from it.  However, this time something apparently awoke in there.   My brother, Bob, who was just home from Marine Corps boot camp, just prior to leaving for Vietnam (this was about 1972) was sleeping upstairs with his wife.  That day he had opened the attic, and rifled through the stuff therein.  There were old clothes.  Lots of old black dresses that appeared to have belonged to Amish women (of which there were plenty in the neighborhood) or that had dated from the early part of the century.  Long, silky black dresses.  There were lots of pictures, and a baby carriage in there.  Among the pictures were several of the house itself with old Model A's and such sitting around There was another company photo of some soldiers at Camp Dodge (not sure of the state) and one intriguing  picture of an individual in a long dress, but wearing a beard. We never did figure that one out. Anyway, that night as my Bob switched off the light, he heard someone shout, "Keep that door locked," or something to that effect. He said that the room immediately got very cold, and he asked his wife, Caroline, "Did you hear that?" He said that there was suddenly a smell that pervaded the room that was as if you had opened up a box of old books, and his hair stood on end. He made one leap and landed on top of his wife who was in bed and buried his face in the covers. She began to cry and scream, "Bob, look at this! Look at this!" To which he responded that he would not. He heard the swish of the dress as the figure came through the wall, and stopped at the foot of their bed. Caroline saw a glowing mass come through the wall from the direction of the attic, and she found herself unable to turn away, or close her eyes. As she lay transfixed, the entity stopped at the foot of her bed and began to take the shape of a woman, with her hands outstretched over their bed. As Caroline lay screaming and crying, my father switched on the light from downstairs, and the entity disappeared. Bob, swore that the story was true until he died in May of 2002. Caroline, who still lives in the area still attests to the truth of the matter. Another incident in that house concerned my sister and I riding our bicycles. My mother stepped outside to call us in, and noted that my sister Sheryl was in Mom and Dad's room brushing her hair in front of the dresser that sat kitty cornered, and in view of someone standing facing out the front door. As Mom stepped out the front door, she noticed Sheryl and I rolling into the yard on our bicycles, and who the girl was in front of the dresser we never knew, but she was not of flesh. Mom and another brother heard lots of walking in the house, when they were alone, and Mom would not stay in there until we returned from school or work. She opted to stay in the "water room" off the barn which served as our garage. Ironically, my father learned later that a man had hung himself in that barn, or so said one of his co-workers at the local steel mill. The old house is gone now, and another stands in its place. The barn/garage is still there. With all of that weirdness, my fondest childhood memories are of living in that bizarre house.


The Vanishing Graves

I had just married my fiancée, and we had moved to North Carolina ( Fort Bragg ). A week after we set up housekeeping, Operation Urgent Fury kicked off in Grenada , and I was obliged to go down there. As our last war experience was Vietnam , I assumed that we'd be there for a long time. Eight days later, I was back at Bragg and I had sent my newlywed wife back to her Mom and Dad in Kokomo . It was Thanksgiving of '83, and I had no transportation, so I started thumbing to Indiana . I made it to Baltimore in one shot, then it took me several rides to make it to the Ohio/Indiana state line. Somewhere along I-70, either in the westernmost part of Ohio or the Easternmost part of Indiana , I found myself on one of those long stretches of straight highway, at about one in the morning. There were no cars within a couple of miles. I believe there might have been one on the horizon, but otherwise, there were none. I noted that on the right, just ahead, was a light post, and as they often do in Indiana/Ohio, it was there for no apparent reason. As I approached it, I began to hear what was apparently two people talking. It was like when you are in one room, and you very plainly hear someone in the next room talking, and if you stopped to listen, you'd understand them, but you aren't really paying attention. So as I got near the light post, I looked to see who was there, and there were two grave stones, one small and one a little larger. I didn't hang around to see if there was anyone hiding behind the stones. And for the next few seconds I didn't need a ride as my pace picked up considerably, but being a Christian, I rebuked the spirit of fear, and continued on. Since then, I've been by that site a couple times, but have never been able to spot the graves. They were on the North side of the highway. If anyone knows anything about that, please drop me a line at

Covered Bridge Ghost in Williams, Indiana  

Actually, there is another ghost that haunts the bridge. In the late 1800's not too long after it was built, a black man was hung there. When he was dropped though, his head was ripped right off of his body. Me and one of my friends went there a few nights ago to see if it was true that there really was a ghost there. We went out about midnight , and planned to stay there until at least 2:30 that night. When we got there, we got out of the car, and decided to walk around in it. I had my flashlight with me. Well, around 12:45am , we heard the bridge creak, but we didn't think much of it. The bridge even started to creak louder. I looked around it, shining my flashlight, then at one end of the bridge I seen a faint shadow-like figure. It looked like a man that was from the 1800's. It only appeared for about only 10 seconds at the most. If I'm not mistaken, that could very well be that man who was hung there. And that's my ghost experience of the Covered Bridge. And no, I am definitely not making this up.

A Haunted House in Plymouth

The house is located at 118 S. Center street .  I don't know the story behind the house, but can imagine that some horrible things may have happened there.  We asked the landlord about the home and all he could tell us was that he knew the home was well over 100 years old.  I know of times when the cabinets in the kitchen would open on there own.  My father was in the bathroom shaving.  He dropped his razor and reached down to pick it up and felt something shove him into the sink, gashing his forehead open.  One room in particular was the worst.  The downstairs room leading to the stairs to go up to the other bedrooms.  I never could sleep in that room for anything.  You always felt a cold chill in that room and felt as if someone was watching you.  Whatever it was felt very evil. I moved in the home when I was 14 and moved out myself (my family still living there) when I was 20.  Before I moved out I had a son.  He would scream every time you took him in the room. There was a glass door to close the room off from the rest of the downstairs.  We would have to keep it closed when my son was around.  I had a daycare in which I used that room as the playroom.  All the children refused to play in the room.  I remember one night when my brother and I were home alone and both of us were still in school, we had settled down to go to sleep.  Both our rooms were upstairs, along with my parents room.  I being the oldest had made sure everything was taken care of and he was in bed before I, because both my parents worked second shift. There was a light in the hallway outside of our rooms.  I made sure I checked in on my brother, turned the hallway light out, and went to my room to go to bed. This must have been around  9:30 p.m.   I awoke back up to the hallway light being on.  I looked at the clock thinking my parents were home, but it was only 10:30 p.m.   I went out and looked down the stairs, it was pitch black, no other lights were on.  I checked in on my brother and he was sound asleep.  I stood there for a moment then turned the light of in the hall and went back to bed.  I was again woke up another hour later to the hall light being on.  I at this point was very angry thinking my brother was playing tricks on me.  I went out of my room again ready to rip his head off (not literally) and found him sound asleep in his bed snoring away.  I was horrified.  My parents got home around 12:10 a.m. I did not touch the hall light again.  I left it on till they got home to explain to them what had happened.  I was also informed that the person who lived in the home before us had left unexpectedly, only telling the landlord that he could no longer live in the home that there were things there that weren't natural.  Lastly, one thing specific I can remember was one day as my mom was walking up the stairs to her bedroom (again located in THE ROOM), I watched her pause on the stairs, her face going pale white.  She asked me if I saw it and I repeated saw what.  She said that it went right through her and she got the image of a gargoyle.  She said it absolutely terrified her.  We then had to put holy water in all areas of the house to put her mind at piece.  I don't care what anyone thinks, I know these things happened.  If you weren't seeing things there you were feeling things.  I am very much into the paranormal and have seen to much and know to much not to believe.  There are things I have seen that no one would probably believe.

St. Louis Cemetery in Batesville, Indiana

When I was younger, the cemetery was the place to hang  out for us teens.  On one fall day my friends and I drove into the grave yard with the top down off our car, around sundown to see if our gang was there.. well when we entered the grave yard we heard sounds of running horses and a women screaming we stopped the car and turned off the radio it got louder and louder it passed our car up!!! the running the sound of the horses the screaming we thought we was nuts after about 3 min... after this it stopped we both was in shock because at first we thought it may have been our buddies pulling a joke on us.. but they was no where to be found so we left as fast as we could.. I called my grandpa up and told him the experience that I had he said that that has happen many times out there and that his father had told him that the sound that you are hearing are of a Indian women that was thought to be a witch and they was running after on horses in the grave yard and when they caught up with her the buried her a live her grave is there it has a stone door on top of it with iron bars all around it ....  my great grand father was the keeper of the grave yard so the story has been brought down in the generations that have gone by.

An Old Abandon House

Follow county rd 75a north from Newville past co.rd 46 and there will be a couple curves in the road. The last curve before county rd 42 on the right-hand side of the road is a very old farm. The farm is extremely wooded and over grown and can not be seen easily from the road but it is only 15 or 20 ft from the road. There is still a path there where you can park. Other houses are few and far between in this remote part of Dekalb County . The area is also very close to the land of moses/gypsies hill which is well known to locals as a haunted part of the county. The story about the farm is that there were two brothers and the one murdered the other and was then sent to prison. The mother of the two brothers was so upset she hung herself in the back yard (there is a very large oak tree behind the house). 15 yrs ago me, my girlfriend and a buddy visited the place for our first time. The sun was just setting when we arrived. My girlfriend stayed in the car as my friend and I went to check it out. We entered the house thru a large front window. The house was huge made out of 2 ft wide limestone blocks. My friend and I were both joked and laughing as we walked to a door leading to an other room. The door was a huge wooden door that slid into the wall. I began to slide the door open and as I did we heard a long constant grinding noise or growling sound. The both of us still smiling assumed it was the sound of the door opening. But when I had finished sliding the door open the sound didn’t stop. It was a loud growling or grinding noise. Much louder then a bee hive, more like an animal or mechanical grinding. It was constant with no break or pause in the sound. I looked at my friend and our smiles both turn into horrified looks of fear. We both said to each other at the same time, "let's get outta' here!.” We ran to the car and hopped in screaming to start the engine and go! By this time it was past dusk right before dark. And the CAR WOULDN'T START! We set there for at least 5 or 6 minutes before it finally started. I went back a few times years later but always with a large group in the daytime. Return visits I felt the presence of agony and sadness. On my most recent return I went at night (about 1a.m. !) I found the house had collapsed into itself oddly but the place still scared me to death. There is still several out buildings standing and the old oak tree. Other people have claimed to have heard stories about people driving by the old farm and having a dark shadow figure run out in front of their car as they were passing by. And a story of somebody finding a jacket completely covered in blood there also.

Plymouth on Webster Street

When I was about 14 we decided to go teeping my friends house around 4 in the morning.  On the way we passed this house, with rechached music playing, it was right from the devil himself!  So, we kept on walking towards the music, and then we saw a house, with a hearse.  The hearse’s door was open and there was a music coming out of the awful hearse!! And there was a casket in it and then all of a sudden...BOOOM...this guy that had got hit by a car earlier that week came outside of the casket!! He came back to life in ghost form!!  And then he chased us down the road until we got to our friends house and into the light.  And then he disappeared.  So every new moon @ 4am he can be seen chasing people walking down the roads...even the innocents ones.

                                                                                        Girl In White

This didn't just happened one time but a couple of times.  The first time it happened I was sitting on my couch and I saw a girl in a white dress with a pink bow behind the dress she was walking back a forth and lost her shoe. Well the week after I found a small shoe under my house. The second something happened it happed to my mom. She was in the department with like 4 other people and a penny was thrown and hit my friend head, no one did it.  She was so scared. One day she was reading a paper and it said that baby can see ghost because my friends sister always woke up waving in the air for no reason.  Now that freaked me out!!!!!!!

Posey Chapel

It was in 1970 that some friends and I decided to visit Posey Chapel. We drove there one night and cruised past, as we had heard that the police liked to bust high school kids that partied there. As we drove past, we observed the chapel. It was a small white building. Above the door was a marker with date from somewhere in the mid 1860's. I do not remember the exact date. There was a small stoop in front of the door, which was standing open. Standing on the stoop was a white ghostly figure. We turned around and returned to the chapel and parked. There were six of us. Me, my girlfriend, her brother, my sister and her husband. After several minutes of discussion, only my brother-in-law and I had the guts to go in. When we reached the stoop, we noticed that the front door was tied shut with a piece of rope. My brother-in-law used a pocket knife to cut the rope and we went in. Inside the door, a short hallway went off to our left. Walking down the hallway, we entered the main chapel. My brother-in-law believed that he felt the spirit of a ghost who he believed to be a female Posey and spent several minutes attempting to communicate with her. The really weird thing about this, which I did not realize for about ten years, is that while we were in the chapel, it was lit up by electric lights. We did not see any lights on when we initially cruised by, or while we sat in the car outside.

A Haunted House

My friends name is Megan, her moms name is Amy and she has a two little sisters named Ana and Meloni also her step dad Mike. Anyways her house is haunted and ill tell you how I know. One night I spent the night at Megan's house and we were watching movies like, pet cemetery and I know what you did last summer, and I asked them if they had ever had any experiences with ghosts and they stopped the movie and said yes a matter of fact this house has a little boy in it. At first I thought that they were just joking then they had told me all the weird experiences that they had had with the boy. One time Amy(the mom) was standing in her restroom in her bedroom blow drying her hair, and, you know had you can fell someone watching you or feel the presence of a soul or person.
Well that's the exact way that she felt and she thought that it was her second youngest Ana standing watching her when she was supposed to be getting ready for school, she turned around to yell at her and before she could say anything she saw a little boy around the age of 9 watching her, just staring at her he didn't blink or anything and she looked up at her youngest daughters baby crib for about 5 seconds to make sure she was still in her crib then she looked back down at where the little boy was and he was gone, just that fast. Also Mike (her step dad) had told me that he had also seen the little boy many times, he said one night he was watching TV in the living room and he saw something walking into the kitchen he thought that it was one of the kids, so he went to go check and see and when he got in the kitchen were he saw the little boy walking in the kitchen he got a very cold shiver down his spine and goose bumps all over his body and they had the heater on and it was in the summer time. Also they told me sometimes they see the bathroom door open and they go and see if the kids are in bed and their sound asleep, also sometimes they see something running down the hall. And also they told me when they first moved they also had experiences with the ghost and still do. The garage door is in the kitchen so when they first moved in they literally had to buy string and binge cords to tie up the door knob because the door would open by its self and let the cat out into the garage in the middle of the night. And that night I also had an experience with the ghost, Megan and I were sitting in her bedroom we were talking very lowly cause everybody had already went to sleep and we didn't want to wake the baby so we heard a weird noise say something like shh, so we both were startled and stopped talking, I saw something run by the bed very very fast as if it were floating but you could see its legs running and about 5 seconds later Megan's belt went flying off of her big screen TV and her belt was in the middle of the TV so there is no way it could have been a force of wind or anything like that it was the boy, and I was kind of frightened because it seemed as if he were mad cause with the way the belt flew it seemed like he wanted to hit us with it. Also in Amy's room she has sliding closet doors and before she goes to bed she closes them so that the cat or dog don't go in there and chew up anything, so she's laying down trying to go to sleep and all of the sudden the closet door opens like about five minutes later and also she told me that sometimes, well most of the time when she wakes up he standing there watching her. And for last the most phenomenal thing that happened the weirdest is that Amy got up to look for her shoes one morning and they were all gone all of them none of them were there not one, and so she had to go out and buy a new pair of shoes because they were no where to be found. And the next morning all her shoes were right back in her closet, and also that closet door never stays closed.

A Haunted Barn

Growing up I always had farm animals and my life revolved around them. About 4 years ago me and my best friend Nikki would always go over to my barn and hang out. We would go up into the hayloft most of the time. It was really cool up there also really high up! One night we were walking over to the barn and there were lights on. That was really weird because right before we always hung out up there I always feed and watered and made sure my lights were off.   If I didn't turn them off because my dad would get really mad. All of a sudden we both stopped and looked at each other. Than softly she said "who do you think is up there?" I replied I don't know. She wanted to go see, me on the other hand wanted to go get my dad, but we decided to go up without him. As we got closer bad things were going through my head about who could be up there.  Nikki wanted to go up the ladder that is on the side of the barn. I told her no, the ladder has been there for years no telling if it could hold us! So she said fine.  I decided to do it to keep her month shut.  As I got closer I heard voices , it was men's voices. Soon after I got goose bumps! As I climbed closer I could smell cigarette smoke. I stopped about 3 feet away from the top to listen to them. Then I heard one of the men say to the other "shut up I'm trying to count!" I could tell by their voice that they were bad men. I than finally built up enough courage to go up more to look at them. I looked in and there were two older man sitting down counting a lot of money, they were wearing old time dirty clothes. I tried to step up higher to see their faces and I lost my footing! Hit my chin sled down and caught the next step. I heard one of the men yell "get them!" We ran so hard to get home! I kept looking back looking for them but I didn't see anybody. When we got home, I told my dad what happened and he got his gun. My mom called the cops. It's weird that they didn't found nobody. Everyone thought Nikki and I made it up. The next day my neighbor, who is really old, called to see what was going on over at my house last night.  So I told her and she wanted me to come over to talk with her.  So I walked over and she told me that her great grandfather was one of those men I saw last night. She said him and his friend had robbed a bank and hide out in the barn. Until someone found out then the police surrender the barn my grandfather opened fire and the police shot them to death.

Mystery Moan

At my house in North Carolina I was playing hid and seek with my friend.  I had hid in this one closet full of bags and boxes with a secret passage that led into the 2nd part of the attic and that led into my room.  No one hardly ever goes into the closet and I made I loud noise.  My friend then found me and hid next.  I found her and she said "I heard a moan!" but I told her "it was just me" so she wouldn't be scared.  After my turn it was hers again.  This time I heard the moan too.  We've also seen and heard other things and never figured it out.

A Bad Experience With an Oujia Board

When I was about 10 or 11 my aunt took me and my 2 cousins to stay at a hotel called Spring House Inn in Porter County.  My one cousin is 1yr younger than me and my other cousin is 5yrs younger. We were playing with a Ouija Board and there was a spirit named Star on there. We had talked to Star several times and she was always very rude to us. She informed us that she was an evil spirit. We were being very rude to her and calling her stupid and telling her that we weren't scared of her and she told us that she was going to hurt us. We told her that we didn't believe her and she said that she was going to burn us. It was about 11:30pm and my aunt made us go to bed so we put the board away and went to sleep. At about 1:30am the fire department was banging on our door because some how a fire had started in the ceiling directly above our room. Needless to say we never picked up a Ouija Board ever again.

A Possessed Girl

In Boggstown back in the 1970's a family moved into a house.   The family consisted of a boy a girl and the parents.  A couple of weeks after the move in the family noticed that every morning that they got up they would smell coffee and the smell of some kind of breakfast food being made.  After a while the family started getting worried so they moved.  That did not help at all. It followed them.  Then after a while the girl started acting strange. The family had a priest of some sort to come look at the hose. He wouldn't even go inside.  After a couple of months in the house girl's room became the strangest of all.  One day when the family got back from town the girl went upstairs and found a really strange mark burnt into the floor. I know the man that was the boy in the house. He will not talk of the things that happened in the house. He is now a reverend and is very dedicated to God.

A Haunted Apartment Building in Michigan City, Indiana

On 1800 Elston St. there is an old worn down apartment building. Its been said that during the time it was condemned (several years) many bums had lived and died in both apartments. I know this because this was the very house I grew up in as a child. I lived in both apartments. I used to hear voices coming from the basement when everyone else would be up stairs. Footsteps up and down constantly while I tried to sleep down there. One time I had gotten up to use the bathroom, and I seen a shadow in the corner of my eye. I turned and there I saw an old man like figure walking out of the basement door way towards the back door. (and the basement door wasn't even open).

Lightning Man

Once, my friend came over to my house and it started to rain.  So we went into my sister's house.  Then suddenly it started to lightning, out-side the her house was a man. A man with such red eyes you could be blinded.  The man wore a black cloak and a top hat.  Then there was a flash of lighting, the man was gone.  A couple of weeks later my other friend said the man was in her bathroom looking out of the window for his next pray.  Sadly this is a true story.

Ghost Soldiers

In Scottsburg Indiana on Taylor Rd there is soldiers who still roam I think there part of Morgans Raiders cause they are the only confederates who passed through here. On rainy days there is a fog that settles above the ground it never touches the ground though and if you listen real quietly you can here the horses as they pass through our property and you can smell the leather, gunpowder, and metal. Also you can here the sound of metal clanking from the swords hitting the side of the horses as they ride by.  I saw one up close while I was in my barn working I got this feeling I was being watched and when I turned around this gentleman was standing in my doorway dressed in full field gear he was a tall lean figure as I approached him he turned and left I still see him every now and again.  There is this one time while I was on horse back it got kind of late and I was tired and slowly falling asleep while I was riding and  the same gentleman came to me along with another soldier and rode on either side of me and told me to pay attention and right when I looked forward I barely missed a tree branch that would have gave one hech of a headache and when I went to thank him he was gone.

Haunted Slave House

This happened in Scottsburg IN on Libertyknob Road.  There is this old house sits way back in the woods and if you go there in the day or night it will freak a person out.  These friends and me went looking for old houses and we stumbled upon this old house, it is so old the wallpaper is news paper but during our visit one of our group got sick and had to return to the car.  Another got these weird marks on his back and the weirdest one of all is ones eyes turned cold black and he went blind for a minute.

The Ghost of a Grandfather

The house my Grandparents lived in for years was haunted and is now also inhabited by my Grandfathers ghost. I will not reveal its location because there is nothing really to see and family still lives there. It is on the far west side of Evansville. The stairwell to the basement is in the center of the house but is enclosed by the surrounding rooms. The sound of someone using the stairs is unmistakable and can be heard anywhere in the house. For years you could hear someone walking up and down the stairs. Only a few relatives had keys to the basement, they were otherwise accounted for when this would happen, denied being there and no one entered through the main floor. There was also never any sign of anyone entering the basement, forcefully or otherwise. Since the outside basement door is/was rarely used fresh footprints would be obvious. There were none. My Grandfather was a disabled WWII Veteran. He survived his injuries but was left permanently blinded. Everyone in the family knew what doors to leave open and which ones to close. This was important with a blind person in the house. One day when no one else had been there that day or the previous day, my Grandmother got up and all the doors in the kitchen were opened. Every door in the house was the opposite of what it normally was kept, with the exception of the outside doors which were closed and locked with no sign of forcible entry. The oven and microwave doors were opened, all of the cabinet doors, and the basement door (inside) was wide opened. No one in my family would have done that and we have no explanation for it. Since my Grandfather died there has been even more unexplainable events in the house. Lights go on and off by themselves. He was a stickler for turning the lights off despite the fact that he was blind. We even occasionally would joke and say "Grandpa turn the light back on!" and sure enough they would come back on. He used to step into the living room and step behind one of the chairs to listen to what was on the TV. In the process he was constantly knocking a picture sideways that hung on the was behind the chair. Even though Grandpa died this picture was constantly crooked no matter how many times we straightened it. We tried everything to get the picture to move after fixing it but nothing we could do would move it. The only way to move is to actually touch it to get it to move. We would beat on both sides of the wall, run a fan right at it, stomp on the floor, we could never get to move.

A Haunted House in Logansport

I want to tell you of a house on Ottawa Street in Logansport, Indiana where we know for sure it is haunted, because we lived there. We didn't have any trouble until some men came to winterize the house and had to open up the upper part of the house to blow in insulation, that is when strange things starting happening. First thing we were all setting in the living room and a picture fell off of the wall and hit my son in the back of the head, a dog chain fell off of the table next to him, without anyone touching it. (the table sat on one leg.) I told the boys that I was going to grandma's, because I wasn't staying there any longer. I forgot and left the coffee pot plugged in when we left and my dad and son came back to unplug it and it was already "unplugged". We also saw a persons face in the doorway of the dining room, had water come on by itself, clothes in knots in the dryer, a wallet that was lost by my son for a long time, suddenly appeared on the dining room table, perfume floating in the air, and the dog jumping at it all the way though the house. Most of all when we moved, my dad returned to the house to get some curtain rods that we had on the kitchen counter, when he reached the dining room, something grabbed him and wouldn't let go, finally he got away, when to the kitchen and came back through the dining room and it grabbed him again. What ever you do don't move to 101 West Ottawa, it is haunted, I am living proof.