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Shadow Beasts

The Story: You'll see what seems to be a couple of bushes, and one obviously is, but the other seems to be fainter in shadow and doesn't pass as the car passes, it appears to run along with you.  People have observed this during a midnight drive. They call them "Shadow Beasts." They also said that they witnessed more than one, and that they were much more interactive.   But the strangest thing is that this figure absorbs light...when you attempted to disprove this "thing" by thinking it's just-another-bush theory, shine your headlights in the direction of the known bush, and the unknown shadow. The bush was immediately illuminated and confirmed of it's nature, the shadow, seemed to disappear completely. Then as you drive away, it will be there again, running right along with you.

Location: Not far from 100 Step Cemetery just off 675 W just North of Brazil, Indiana.

Directions: Coming from Terre Haute, IN, just off of US-40 make a right turn on 675 W. Follow that road to the end where you'll make a left turn. Down that road nearly half way or a little further just stare off to your right.

We know the story sounds pretty stupid and we probably would have skipped this one all together, but since it was so close to 100 Step Cemetery we decieded that we would check it out.  So when we got to the road the Shadow Beasts are on we started looking.  We saw the bushes and their shadows, but no Shadow Beasts.  We drove down the road a mile and a half or so looking and looking.  We didn't see anything at all.  We took a couple of pictures of the bushes to see if they might show up on the camera, but once again nothing.  So after that we had enough of looking for these stupid things and turned around and left.  This was probably on of the stupidest stories we have heard and the place was defiantly as bad as we thought it would be.


A picture of a bush, but no Shadow Beast.


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