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Boone Hutch Cemetery

The Story: A ghostly police officer from the 1950's sits inside the graveyard along with a blue light. There is also a cave under the cemetery with a grave near the entrance. People have reported seeing a strange figure standing in the cave when going in. Some witnesses have even reported that bodies will fall out of their caskets into the cave. One other occurrence involves sinister looking dogs with red glowing eyes that chase people to their cars, then disappear.  

Location: North East of Brazil and West of Greencastle

Directions: Take US 40 and turn North on 445W.  Follow it for about 2 miles.  Then turn left onto 550S.  Follow it for about 3/4 of a mile then turn right on 525.

We visited Boone Hutch Cemetery (also known as Boone Hutcheson Cemetery) on Wednesday May 12, 2004 at about 8:15 pm.  It was cloudy outside with temperatures in the low 70's.  We had no problem finding the cemetery, but we did have some trouble finding the cave.  We definitely thought that the cave would be very noticeable and big.  Instead we spent about 45 minutes looking for it and it was barely big enough to climb in.  If you visit the cemetery the cave is off to the right (South) in a group of trees.  To get to it you have to climb over a fence and go through a field of weeds.  We didn't see any bodies falling out or any strange figures.  Inside the cave it was just dark with a couple of bats and lizards.

The entrance to the cave.

Grand Master B in the cave.

Huck in the cave.

A picture looking down through the cave.

As far as the ghosts in the cemetery, we didn't see much.  We took about 30 pictures and got a few orbs and a couple of other pictures that have something that we are unsure of what it is.  It could be bugs, but we really didn't see too many bugs. 

A picture of a moving orb.

A bright light in the right corner of the picture.

A picture that has a bunch of those lights.  Also a pink light in the middle of the picture.


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