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Stagecoach Road


The Story: Sightings of UFO's and people who look like they are from the 1800's.

Location: Stage Coach Road in Portage, Indiana.

Directions: Take US 12 heading towards Ogden Dunes.  You'll see the road right across from the train station on the South side of the road.

We visited Stagecoach Road on April 1, 2004 hoping to see some ghost people or at least a few UFO's.  Instead, all we saw were a bunch of rabbits and deer.  We missed the road's entrance while looking for it, so we stopped and backed up on the highway, luckily no cops were around.  Which is surprising since we don't have great luck with them while going haunting.  After getting onto the right road, we could tell that the road was surrounded by trees and didn't have many houses.  We drove down the road going about 15-20 mph looking for something, anything, but couldn't find anything.  After about 2 miles we noticed the road becomes bumpier and a bunch of nothing.  No trees, no houses, nothing.  Just a big sand dune.  After making it down the road not seeing anything but rabbits and deer we decided that maybe the people and UFO's might like having their picture taken.  So we drove back down the road going the other way, taking pictures every so often.  In those pictures we got, of course, nothing.  This has now been the fourth "haunted" road (Reeder, Ghost, Primrose, Stagecoach) that we have visited and none have been close to being haunted.


Just a picture of the street sign.


A sign incase you get lost while driving.


A picture of the road.  It looks like there might be a
few orbs, but they're probably just dust.


Are those lights from UFO's? No, just the eyes of some deer we saw. 
Which was the closest thing to any UFO's on this road.


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