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Route 6 Bridge

The Story: One night back in the early 1900's two men were standing on the back of a train on the caboose. As the train went by this underpass one of the men was distracted for a second and when he looked back the other man was gone. No one knows what happened to that man. Some stories say he was pushed, others say he fell, and there are others that say he jumped. People say they have seen his ghost around the bridge still looking for the train that left him behind so many years ago.

Location: About 2 miles East of Hwy. 49 in Chesterton, Indiana.

Directions: It's any easy spot to find, but a hard one to find somewhere to park. If you go down Hwy. 49 get off at the Rt. 6 exit and go East. Go about 2 miles and you will go up and over a bridge. That's the bridge you're looking for. There isn't really anywhere to park on the side of Route 6, so we found a side road called Mander Rd. After you come up to the tracks going down Mander Rd. there really isn't anywhere to park there either, but at least its not as busy as Route 6. We ended up just parking on the side of the road and taking the 3 minute walk down to the bridge.

We visited this bridge on December 23, 2002. It was about 10:30 pm and the temperature was about 30 with very little wind and a partly cloudy sky. We did get a visitor, but it wasn't a ghost, it was just a train. The pictures that we took just showed a normal bridge with nothing unusual going on.