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Patten Cemetery

The Story: Victims of the Belle Gueniss murders are buried there, one of the worst murders ever in the state of Indiana. There is also said to be a killer who was executed buried in the same cemetery. It is said that if you knock over his grave stone he will come and find you.

Location: At the dead end of McCollums St. in downtown Laporte, Indiana.

Directions: Hwy 20 to Michigan city to Johnson road. Right on Johnson til LaPorte. At the only stop light cross street cross street there is hwy 39, follow it to the third light which is Lincolnway. Left on Lincolnway to second light which is Monroe Street (A.K.A. hwy 4) down Monroe to the curve which McCollum street comes out. One left on McCollums til it dead ends into cemetery. As you go in the cemetery there are trees on both sides of the small road, making it seem like midnight in broad day light.

We visited Patten Cemetery on December 13, 2002. The sky was cloudy and the temperature was about 30 with light winds. It took us a little while to find this cemetery, because we had no idea that Hwy 4 is Monroe Street. If you go to Patten make sure you remember that or you might never find it. We looked over the pictures and didn't see anything strange or unusual. But with the size of this cemetery(we got lost trying to get out) it is really hard to tell wether or not it might have something. We might stop back there sometime at a later date.