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Old Porter Road

The Story: Late at night often during the winter months shadow-like figures has been seen along the train tracks in between Portage and Burns Harbor that line Old Porter Road. This lonely strip of road has seen many tragic events over it's rich history, some resulting in injury or even death, no one can pen down the explanation to the figures, some describe as dog like, as if a dog had grown long thin legs, and a long thin tail, stretched to twice the size of a medium sized canine and given glowing yellow eyes. A young person who lives on the desolate portion of this road has often been subjected to visions of these spectral beasts, roaming through her yard at night terrorizing the family pet, breathing, scratching, and growling at the windows and doors to the house. Some of the conductors say they can see the hounds running along side the trains as they blow by in the night, yellow eyes glowing bright, baying as they chase the wind.

Location: Old Porter Rd. in Burns Harbor and it extends into Portage, Indiana.

Directions: Go down Rt. 20 until you come to 149. If you turn South on 149 its right there before you cross the tracks, it's only like a tenth of a mile.

We visited Old Porter Rd. on February 21, 2003 at 8 pm. We drove down the road and stopped to take a picture. We didn't see a dog or something that looked like a dog, but we're not sure if a dog really haunts this road. The picture showed a couple of orbs which surprised us. The thing that's by the telephone pole kind of sticking out is just a stop sign.

A small orb at the far left of the photo. Another one at the bottom right and one above and to the right of that one.