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Old Porter House
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The Story: This house is said to be haunted by a little boy and his mother who can be found looking out of the windows.

Location: East Oak Hill Rd. and Waverly Rd. in Porter, Indiana

Directions: From US 20 turn South on Waverly Rd. It's the house at the corner of the first stop sign, the northwest corner.

We visited the Old Porter House on November 29, 2002. All the windows in the house were covered with curtains or blinds. We went to the front door and talked to the homeowner. He said that the house was not haunted and the whole thing was a lie.

Investigation Number 2


We decided to make another visit to the Old Porter House to see if it still looked the same or if the blinds might be open.  We made our visit on May 23, 2003.  When we got there we could see that all of the windows had curtains or blinds over them and we were still unable to see inside.  We took a couple of pictures anyway just to see if anything would show up.


A picture of the Old Porter House.  You can see that all of the windows are covered up.

Probably just a pot or something, but it almost looks like a face.


A close up of were the ghosts are supposed to be.  Can't really see anything though.

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