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Lambs Chapel and Cemetery

The Story: Ghostly sightings and cold spots have bean reported the legend behind lambs chapel is said to have a beautiful young lady running through the cemetery at 12:00 on the dot it is said that she was driving by lambs chapel and her car broke down so she got out and she saw a man he chased her through the cemetery and you drive by your car might just brake down.

Location: Fail Road and 600 N in Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Directions: From Highway 20 turn North onto Fail Rd.  Follow Fail Rd. for a few miles and you will see the cemetery and chapel on the West side of the road right on the corner of 600 N.

We planned a trip out to Posey Chapel, so we wanted to check out some other places as well.  We were having no luck finding the location of most of the ones in Laporte.  Then we came across this listing in Rolling Prairie.  We looked it up and turns out the chapel is right along the way to Posey.  So we had planned to stop after Posey, but the rain came before we could get to Lambs Chapel.  We went on November 18, 2004 at about 5:30.  From what we could tell from the car the cemetery didn't look real big and neither was the chapel.  The chapel looked more like a house then anything else.  There were people in the chapel when we drove by so we got there attention since the road isn't very busy.  They peered out the window to see what happened and returned to their seats.  Then we stopped in the middle of the road looking at the cemetery for about 5 minutes.  We then proceeded to go back and forth a few times down the road going real slow to get a better view of the cemetery.  By the final time by the cemetery everyone in the chapel was looking out the windows watching us.  This is definitely a place we will check out again next time we make a trip to Posey.

A Picture of the cemetery.  The white balls are rain, not orbs.

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