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Hobart Cemetery

The Story: Some people say that if you go to Hobart cemetery and go right by the woods, at midnight you can hear a baby cry. The baby is clearly not alive and is a ghost. Also, if you take pictures you can see orbs all over the place.

Location: Front St. and Michigan Ave. in Hobart, Indiana

Directions: There are many possible ways to get to the cemetery.  Your best bet is to use mapquest and find the best route for you.

We visited Hobart Cemetery on March 6, 2005.  It was about 9:10 and the temperature was around 55 with light breezes.  We had a little trouble finding the cemetery, the first time by we missed it, so we had to turn around and go back.  The first thing we noticed was a no trespassing after dusk sign.  Well, dusk had already happened 3.5 hours before, but we weren't going to drive out to the cemetery for nothing.  So we proceeded to go into the cemetery following the narrow asphalt path.  The cemetery was pretty big in size.  We drove all the way to the back, where it is a small wooded area and parked there.  We got out and took some pictures around the cemetery seeing if we could find anything.  We knew we were a few hours early, but we listened for a baby crying as well.  In the pictures we go what looked to be like orbs, however they are not.  Since the cemetery is in the middle of the town, there are street lights and business lights all around.  So no matter which direction we took a picture, lights always showed up in the background.  It makes it very hard to prove just how haunted this cemetery is, because even if you do get what looks to be a real orb, there is no way you can be positive it is.  Those lights is also what caused the cemetery to be known for having orbs all over the place.  The orbs are just the lights, not actual orbs.  We didn't spend a lot of time at the cemetery.  We didn't want to push our luck after seeing the no trespassing sign.  So we left the cemetery with no good results and we were somewhat disappointed.


A picture of the no trespassing sign that greets you at the entrance of the cemetery.

A picture of what looks like orbs, but they are just the street lights in the background.

A picture of one of the lovely bushes that are around the cemetery.

A picture of the woods in the back of the cemetery.  Once again the street lights
showed up in the back of the photo.


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