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Gypsies Cemetery

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The Story: A group of Gypsies were moving though the town of Crown Point 150 years ago, when they decided to stop for a couple of weeks. As the story goes they were kicked out of town after only a couple of days. The farmers believed that the Gypsies were stealing their livestock and the townspeople just didn't like having the Gypsies around. So the townspeople came to the Gypsies and told them that they must leave by the next day. The Gypsies told the townspeople that they couldn't leave because they were sick and dying, but the townspeople didn't care. So as the Gypsies were leaving they buried the other Gypsies that had died and cast a spell on the area. Supposedly today you can find blood on the bottom of your' pants, balls of light that chase you, and many orbs can be seen.

Location: 155th and South Grove Rd. in Crown Point, Indiana.

Directions: Take 65 to US 231(exit 247). Turn east on US 231 and follow it for almost a 1.5 miles. You will see flashing yellow lights, turn right and you will be on Iowa St. Go down Iowa St. for almost 3 miles until you come to a stop sign. You want to go straight (it's not really straight it's at an angle, but it's the one in the middle). You will be on South Grove Rd., follow it for about 1 mile and you will see the cemetery on your' left.

We visited the Gypsies Graveyard on February 21, 2003 at 6 pm. The temperature was 35 degrees with light winds. When we first got there we looked around a little bit, mainly in the back of the cemetery where the Gypsies are supposedly buried. We put a tape recorder by one of the graves and then started taking pictures. We took some more pictures with a digital camera, then took some more. We were getting pretty disappointed. Then we got a picture of a small orb right after Huck Finn saw a blueish streak fly across his camera. We took some more pictures and we were getting ready to leave, but wanted to look around one more time. That's when we got a picture of what looks to be a ghost's face. Although we didn't get any blood on our pants or any balls of light chasing us we were still happy with the results.

A bright orb on the left side and a less noticeable orb in the middle.

A closeup of the two orbs.

A picture of a mist that looks like a face.

Investigation #2

For quite a while we have been wanting to make another trip to gypsies cemetery after our great results on our first trip there.  The weather finally warmed up and we made it out there.  We arrived about 8:15 on March 6, 2005.  The temperature was about 55 degrees with a slight breeze.  We took a look around and everything looked pretty much the same as our first time there.  We went towards the back of the cemetery where we had our best luck the first time and started taking some pictures.  In all we probably took around 50 pictures there and didn't get much of anything in any of the pictures.  A few of the pictures look like they might have an orb or two, but it's just not clear enough to say exactly what it is.  So we left this time much more disappointed.  However, we still believe that the cemetery is one of the best spots to check out in Northwest Indiana.  We left around 8:45 and checked our pants and shoes for blood and no one saw anything, except for Huck.  He saw something weird on his shoe.  We thought that the rumor of leaving with blood might actually be true.  However, upon further investigation we discovered that what was on his shoe was caused from something much worse than a ghost. (Warning: The following disturbing picture is more disturbing than our other disturbing picture found here)  The blood on his shoe was caused from stepping in this on the way back to the car.  So after wiping up his shoe we were on our way.

These are some of the pictures that we took on this investigation.  All of them look just like a normal cemetery with nothing really happening.






What look like two orbs at the top of the photo.






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