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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Force have anything to do with The Indiana Ghost Trackers or any other ghost organization?

A: No, we have nothing to do with The Indiana Ghost Trackers or any other ghost organization.  No we are a group of ghost enthusiasts who wanted to find out if Indiana's haunted places are really haunted.

Q: When was The Force started?

A: November 2002 with the idea that we could help other people with an interest in ghosts by telling them the places that they have the best chance at seeing a ghost or getting a picture of an orb.

Q: What is an orb?

A: No one really knows for sure what exactly an orb is. The best answer we can give you is that it's a form of an energy that moves so fast that it can not be seen with the eye.

Q: I think I have a picture of an orb, but I'm not sure. Can you tell me what a picture of an orb might look like?

A: Orbs are always round. Orbs can be lighter and more transparent or brighter and not transparent at all. Because of the speed that the orbs move at some pictures of orbs may have tails.

Q: Why the name The Force? Do you have something to do with Star Wars?

A: No we have nothing to do with Star Wars and we are not big fans of Star Wars.  The name was selected when signing up for a angelfire account.  We were given a list of about 10 choices to have in our url and The Force was one of them.  So we just named ourselves The Force to make it easier when trying to remember our url.

Q: I just sent you an email, when can I expect a response?

A: We try to reply to our emails as soon as possible, however if we are busy it may take up to two weeks.  If you would like a faster response you could try posting on our message board.