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Dogface Bridge

The Story: Back in the 1950's a couple were driving over a bridge heading out on their honeymoon, When a dog ran out in front of them the couple swerved and ended up driving off the side of the bridge still killing the dog Now there are 2 stories, one both died, and the there the male died but either way the woman's head and the dogs head was chopped off and they were unable to find the woman's body and the dogs head, Now it is said as you walk down the path there are 2 bridges the first bridge is weak and very old the second is the one they crashed off, It isn't even there yet you can see the Cement sidings from where it once stood. Supposedly when you go down the path you will see the body of the woman wearing the dogs head, if you do not beat her off of the first bridge and back to your car she will kill you, by supposedly eating you alive. There have been rumors of bodies found and people being shot at. As you walk you can hear strange animal snorting howls and growls , while the entire area is made of swamp and it is a known fact that, Wolves and Coyotes do NOT go near swampy areas.  

Location: On 1100 W just North of 500 S in San Pierre, Indiana

Directions:  Take Highway 421 to 500 S and turn West on 500 S.  Go a little ways and you will come to a stop sign.  That road is 1100 W.  Turn North on 1100 W and follow it about 1/2 mile and you will come to the bridge and a dead end.

We visited Dogface Bridge on October 13, 2004.  It was about 6:20 when we arrived and was just getting dark with temperatures in the middle 50's.  We found the first bridge easily, since that's were the road dead ends.  However, finding the second bridge proved to be a little more difficult.  We took a few minutes and looked around the first bridge to see if we see anything, but didn't besides some appliances laying in the water below the bridge.  Then we took off down the path to go find the second bridge.  The path is nothing more than a dirt path that is about 6-8 feet wide.  We could see some tire prints in the mud, so someone must drive a 4-wheeler or something back there.  We walked and walked down the path looking for the bridge.  As we walked we saw something that looked like eyes, but as we got closer we saw that they were just reflectors.  A few minutes later we came to a shanty where it looked like someone was living.  It wasn't a big house, probably about the size of most people's bedrooms.  Outside there was some firewood sitting on the ground and a lot of junk just laying around.  As we got closer we thought we saw someone, so we kept walking.  T-Bone broke out his knife incase the punk wanted to try anything.  But as we got closer we saw that it was just a scarecrow.  We did notice sitting in the ground behind the scarecrow were two crosses.  We don't know if they were just set up for Halloween or if someone or something is buried there.  

Finally after about 20 minutes of walking we came to the end of the path, but we never found the second bridge.  We saw an old camper sitting at the end of the path, but no one was living in it, or at least we hope no one was living in it.  It didn't have any windows and it looked pretty messy inside.  So we were pretty upset that we never saw this second bridge as we started walking back to the first bridge.  We started thinking this was one of the stupidest places we have ever been.  About halfway back, we stopped and looked on the other side of this road block to see what was there.  Sure enough that's where the bridge used to be.  There is nothing left of it now.  You wouldn't even know that a bridge used to be there, but you can see a couple of the cement supports still up.  We looked around for a few minutes, but didn't see anything so we started walking back to the car.  If the dog faced lady ever started chasing someone they better be a good runner.  They would probably have to sprint about 1/2 mile or so through mud puddles and holes in the ground.  Overall the bridges aren't really that scary.  The only thing that's kind of scary wondering who is living back there in the woods.  We are pretty sure someone either lives back there all the time or uses it quite frequently for either hunting or fishing. 


A poorly drawn map, but it gives an idea of where everything is at.


A picture of the first bridge.  It's pretty old, but you can walk across it.


A picture of the road block right before the second bridge.  The
second bridge is not safe to walk across.


A camper that is at the very end of the path.  It looks like no one lives in it anymore.


A picture of what looks to be a guy hanging from the tree from the distance,
but up close it's just a scarecrow.  However, there are two crosses behind him.


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