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Devil's Bridge
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The Story: Under this bridge is believed to be a dumping ground for the mafia in the 1920's. People have said there are many bodies still under the bridge today. Today there are reports of cult and other strange activities said to be going on around the bridge.

Location: Railroad Ave. and Ardendale Rd. in Pines, Indiana

Directions: From US 20 turn South on Ardendale Rd., right before the railroad tracks you will see a dirt road to the east, turn east and up ahead you will see Devil's Bridge.

We visited Devil's bridge on November 29, 2002. When we finally found it didn't seem as scary as we thought it would.  The State of Indiana has put up a fence with barbwire on top of that to stop anyone from trying to dig in the area where these bodies are supposed to be.  We took about 11 pictures of the bridge and the area around it. Most of the pictures that showed up most show nothing on them except this one. You can clearly see an orb at the bottom left side of the photo. It was about 6pm when we took the photo, the temperature was around 30 degrees and the sky was cloudy.

The original photo

A close up of the orb


Investigation Number 2

With our good results on our first trip we decided to make another stop at Devil's Bridge.  We visited Devil's Bridge on May 23, 2003.  We arrived a little after    8 pm when it was still kind of daylight outside.  So we looked around and waited until it got darker outside.  After 20 minutes or so we starting taking some photos.  We weren't getting a whole lot until we got this picture of a small orb.  We took almost 40 pictures and that's really all we got.  Sometimes we would get a photo that had at least 15 orbs in it, but we figured it was probably just dust, since there is a bridge right over our heads.

A small orb located on the middle left side of the picture.


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