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Crown Point Jail

The Story: This jail was used for over 100 years and was thought to be impossible until John Dillinger proved them wrong by escaping with a gun carved out of soap. People have taken photos of orbs around the jail and others have seen lights go on and off. Others people have heard the jail bars rattle and unexplained noises coming from the jail.

Location: 226 South Main St. in Crown Point, Indiana.

Directions: Take 65 to US 231. Turn North, towards Crown Point. Follow US 231 to for about 4 miles until you come to a stop light. You will see South Main St., make a left. The jail will be on your' left no more than a block away.

We visited the Crown Point Jail on February 21, 2003 at 7:00 pm. We took some photos but didn't see anything weird or strange.. We also didn't hear any weird noises or see any lights going on and off.