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Cemetery Evaluation

Graded from A to F. With A having the lots of paranormal activity and F having none. Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order.

100 Step Cemetery - A cemetery that doesn't have 100 steps, but it does have a few orbs. Rating C+

Adams Street Cemetery - A very old cemetery where we got some and orbs and something else, what were not sure, but it looks pretty cool.  Rating: B

Augsburg Cemetery - A smaller cemetery in which we got a couple of nice orbs, but nothing great.  Rating: B-

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - One of the most haunted cemeteries in America, we got some good pictures but we had to pay for them.  Rating: B

Boone Hutch Cemetery - This cemetery isn't real haunted, but the cave makes it unique and worth checking out.  Rating: B

Chesterton Cemetery - A large cemetery just north of the St. Patrick's cemetery. Nothing unusual or strange showed up in our photographs. Rating: F

Furnessville Cemetery - This cemetery even got us scared, but not because of its ghosts.  Rating: D

Gypsies Cemetery - A small older cemetery in Crown Point. It took us a while to get something, but it was worth it. Rating: B+

Highland Lawn Cemetery - A huge cemetery in Terre Haute that could be haunted, but you can't visit during the night so we may never know.  Rating: D-

Moody Cemetery - Maybe it was because we went while the sun was still setting, or maybe it was because this cemetery isn't really haunted. Whatever it is we couldn't get anything here. Rating: D-

Old Indian Burial Ground - Located in Terre Haute this cemetery has about 12 graves of Indians.  We didn't get much here at all.  Rating: D

Patten Cemetery - A huge cemetery in Laporte that is also pretty old. Could have something here, but with its size being so big it makes a lot harder to find something. Rating: D

Posey Cemetery - A small cemetery in Laporte that dates back to the middle 1800's. Supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Northwest Indiana, although you couldn't tell from either of our visits. Rating: D-

Ross Cemetery - There was a cold spot at this cemetery, the entire cemetery was a big cold spot of nothing.  Rating: D

Smith Cemetery - This is one weird looking cemetery. One side with newer graves is on one side of the street and the older graves are on the other. We had pretty good luck on both sides. Rating: B-

St. Patrick's Cemetery - A small older cemetery in Chesterton. Don't waste your time here you won't find anything. Rating: F

Union St. Cemetery - A small very old cemetery by downtown Valparaiso. It could have something but its hard to tell since its surrounded by a 6 foot tall fence with barb wire on top of that. Rating: F-